Meet the Mastermind Behind Reality TV’s Biggest Hit

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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) –- Bunim/Murray Productions Chairman Jon Murray discusses the changing face of television with Matt Miller and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You have the 29th season in san francisco.

What is different now than 21 years ago when the first season debuted?

How hasn't aged?

It is a difference in the world.

We did some research and the premise was you put seven diverse individuals together.

It was unique that we had a gay guy living with a black woman from the city and a southern woman.

But today, diversity is very different.

For most young people it is whether you like to party, whether you look up too much, it is not the color of your skin.

It is not who you sleep with.

It is a very different generation.

I hope you got some who like to party and hook up too much is that i will watch.

We of course have that.

This is part of the issue.

Ewers like matt are accustomed to seeing a lot more on tv.

How do you keep upping the ante, how do you keep viewers coming back if they have already seen it all?

That is why this season we did something different.

It is called "real world explosion." the cast, it seems like it is a normal cast.

Seven attractive young people within together and start hugging us and we surprise them for weeks and when all of their exes show up.

They come in and their exes have moved in and suddenly they are dealing with those axes.

-- exes.

There is a sense of propriety to that relationship.

It really created some issues.

It complicates things.

How do you compete and maybe this is what you do with the new scripted dramas that seem to be winning all the awards.

All of these expensive scripted dramas are getting a lot of viewers.

We do not win a lot of awards and reality tv.

[laughter] we are about entertaining people.

Giving them escape from their typical day.

Having some fun.

And occasionally maybe having a little profound moment in there.

We are not trying to compete with "house of cards." i am competing with "duck dy nasty,' "honey boo boo," those shows.

It is now i can fashion, -- back in fashion.

I think scripted drama is as good as it is because of reality tv.

When reality explosion -- tv exploded, i think the scripted folks realize they would to work harder.

For a number of years, "american idol," these shows were dominating.

You had the scripted people thinking and more interesting ways.

I think that reality tv has been really good for those folks who make scripted television and we have better scripted tv because of reality tv.

What are you looking at next?

I am always looking at something new where we have got a couple of new shows where developing with different networks.

It is always the situation where you cannot talk about them until the network is ready to talk about them.

We are keeping busy.

I saw your previous segment.

One thing i can tell you, there are tons of jobs and reality tv.

This is a field that just kept growing right through the recent recession.

There is still hope for you yet.

Matt miller.

Great to have you here.

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