Meet the Jony Ive of Nike Behind the 'Kobe 9' Shoe

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Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Nike Creative Director Eric Avar discusses how 3-D printing helps the design process and the new “Kobe 9” sneaker. He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The ground up.

And there you go.

We talk about the design of tech devices.

Technological innovation these days are help -- happening from the ground up including basketball shoes.

Coby incorporates marketing.

I caught up with the crated director and i started by asking him about the design similarities between shoes and tech gadgets.

I think design in general, there's a natural design process that you go through and principles that transcend any discipline or type of product you may be working on.

I think with and footwear, a really interesting time that technology is changing and involving as so many ways.

In term of a science perspective of how we can gather more information and data and science from the athlete.

That is the upfront side.

On the backside, and terms of the way we can manage -- manufacture products.

It opens up a whole new world of possibilities as you mentioned designing to the pixel level.

It is really an interesting time in a design.

That is true for all of design.

Certainly true for footwear or athletic design.

People are starting this and what 3-d printing is all about.

Since you're working with athletes who probably have a vision but it would be a whole host of shoes, elaborate on that.

How quickly can you take a concept and come up with a prototype today versus 5, 6 years ago?

Dramatically faster.

Through manufacturing processes and prototyping processes, we can turn samples of prototypes in some cases 1-3 days where it would take easily 1-3 weeks prior.

The process would enable the prototype.

When you design -- would've of the unique things about designing footwear or apparel, and goes on the body.

The body is a complex and constantly in motion.

A complex thing to design for.

The more than we can prototype and learn from prototypes, the better.

As you mentioned, technology is allowing us to iterate that much better.

Jony ive at apple license out about simplicity.

Do you live by that?

I believe in simplicity.

I believe there is a purpose to nature and the natural systems.

It is complex.

It is very simple.

That is something we talk about at nike quite often.

Taking the complex and making it simple.

Complex simplicity if you will.

What about the fact you have a lot of big-name athletes you are working with?

They all want to come forward with their own ideas.

How'd do take each of those unique flavors and come up with all of these different shoes?

Is working with those different athletes.

We always listen.

It is our mantra.

Listen to the voice of the athlete.

We take that to heart.

Whether it is kobe bryant or any other athlete.

Fundamentally listen to the athlete, the voice of the athlete and that helps us to take it to new places.

Also from a style standpoint.

Are the kobe bryant's you could share with us?

You're always thinking about them.

Old man, so many.

One of the many great things about kobe if he wants to push the design innovation from a functional and aesthetic standpoint.

Every time we sit down to meet, it is like ok, what do we do next?

I am thinking this or philly this.

How can we make this better?

How can we change the game?

That is constant with him.

That was ever avar.

Kobe wanted to go back to the hightop.

He wanted to have the same flexibility like the low top.

Fletcher to keep them happy.

Keeping kobe happy.

All for it.

Quick clarification.

Ibeacon does not track customers.

It enables that -- highflying "top gun" is coming

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