Meet the Tiny Drones Inspired by Insects, Birds

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- Mirko Kovac, aerial robotics lab director at Imperial College London, explains how the next generation of drones is being influenced by insects and birds to offer real-world capabilities and the possible business applications of new developments in the pipeline. He speaks with Caroline Hyde in today’s “Global Outlook” on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”


-- biology.

They look very much like insects or birds.

About the same size as an insect.

A larger insect can fly and transform and take off and transform -- how will they transform society?

Well, they are a big area of growth.

They are used for filming in architecture buildings or facilities.

The next generation will be directing the environment, search and rescue, oil and gas industries.

There is huge potential for investment and the future is really growing.

Tell neebt future investment of this is approaching the academic world which are you are leading.

Coming to you asking for ways this which they can tackle these real worrell problems now with robotics.

I think they get a lot of inquireys from big companies that want to bring this to the market.

However some of the technologies are not there yet.

We need to bridge this gap and we need frameworks that are in place to allow this to happen.

What sort of frameworks?

Is this where the government comes in?

Do they need to be funding ack temperature wra to make sure we have -- academia to make sure we have the same -- give us a timeline.

Two years?

Five years?

A decade to have those flying robots helping businesses?

Some of the ack -- acquisitions can be five, 10, 15, 20 years.

We already collaborate with the government.

Er in now developing a strategy or a road map of how to bring robotics to the market.

How the u.k. can become a leader in that.

We are doing this together with the technology strategy board in supporting us and developing this.

There is huge performance for investments and this will happen.

What are the other areas of robotics as well?

Where is this going to be largely applied?

Where is the 4 1/2 trillion dollars worth of value going to be coming from?

Is it manufacturing where robotics are already largely there in terms of the car manufacturers who have welding going on?

Which industries are going benefit the most do you think?

I think it is across many industries.

The u.k. can become the leader in this area in robotics.

For example, the u.k. is already testing flying -- in fukushima for disaster response in such areas.

Pipeline -- for oil and gas industries.

Another example is they could live on wind farms and look at cracks or damage on the wind turbines.

And repair them without any human intervention.

This would reduce the down time.

Are there any ethical issues when it comes to robotics?

Eelon musks talked about worry about -- elon musk talked about worrying about a term in -- are these getting too life like?

I think there are a lot of science fiction novels that talk about the dangers of this.

I think now robotics and aero robot six moving off into space for many different an indications and there is lots of opportunities there.

We need some kennettics framework that will allow us to define what we want them to do and what they should not do.

Similar to genetic engineering community such as things we don't want to clone humans, we have to think -- they are benefiting humanity, improving the quality of life to the benefit and not endangeringing people.

Wonderful speaking to you.

Thank you very much indeed.

In 5-10 years we'll be seeing your robots helping the gas industry, manufacturing in general.

And minting wind turbines.

I love the flying robots building themselves nets and flying off with their 3-d printer.

The head of the aeroyell robotics laboratory here -- airline robotics laboratory here.

Let's move on from robotics to what's happening in spain this morning.

You're looking at the pictures of king felipe.

He has been proclaimed king this morning.

He is giving his first speech to congress this morning.

The event in spain fairly low key, it has to be said by royal standards designed for a smooth transition and really to usher in a new era.

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