Meet the Drone That Shoots Stun Darts at People

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March 11 (Bloomberg) –- Chaotic Moon Chief Innovation Officer William Hurley discusses the CUPID stun drone that can deliver 80,000 volts. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You finish it for me.

Thank you for having me.

It is a chaotic unmanned personal intercepted drone.

We wanted to use sxsw as a platform to raise awareness of how fast tech knowledge he is outpacing regulatory control.

Even the things entrepreneurs and investors are doing.

This was an opportunity to take something and show how fast it could be made real.

It is a warning for all of us to be paying attention to this important issue.

Explain how you created this particular drone and give us some details as to the lexicon.

Is a pretty standard hexa copter --n hexicopter.

We ordered the parts over the internet.

It took a short amount of time to get up and running.

The important issue is that this is something we need to start paying attention to.

People build things but they do not stop to think about the ramifications.

We use this as an example to show that you can take something from a videogame and building for a few thousand dollars in a short amount of time.

It is not just of legislators and entrepreneurs, but with the public in general.

They will be governed by laws and affected by technology.

Six lane, how did you test this?

We actually have a mannequin and 10 starts.

We did a three-week keyword -- period of testing.

People in our company works cited to be the one in the video.

We had a trial.

Jackson is an intern, but we did not take him because of that.

He is picked because he's physically superior to most of us geeks at the company.

If he is physically superior to most of the geeks, what was the response from the engineers at the company?

You have received a lot of publicity.

We are excited about it.

Our goal is to do technology demonstrations to raise public awareness of just how far we have come with technology and how easy it is for all manner of things to be created.

This is a big attention getter.

The next one delivers other technology.

We plan to do well planned experiments.

We will open doors and share the code online, -- with our other projects, we will open doors ensure the code online, but we will not be doing that with the one stop -- this one.

Have you received any communication from law enforcement officials?

That is a great question.

We told the local law enforcement community in our area and nationwide as we started doing the project.

Many of them contributed to the safety measures that we used when we did the demonstration with jackson.

Laser technology background?

I came out of apple research and design.

I was named on international genius by the city of amsterdam.

I am an engineering geek.

I have had a variety of jobs.

We do everything from apps for starbucks and whole foods, to software for in car systems.

It is the best job i've ever had.

Often you see a problem or situation that gets baltimore technology.

Is there a way to disable something like a hexicopter i can fire the stunned guards?


We did this earlier.

One of the drugs can discharge.

-- drones can discharge on -- an emt.

There are a lot of paparazzi that are taking cameras.

They go into people's property with drones.

We want to create a drone that can spy on other drones and disable them and around them.

Technology can be the answer.

We believe that society is the answer.

These are important issues that we should be discussing.

These on your creation of the strong and your technology -- this drone and your technology background, how do you come down on the debate of using drones for commercial purposes?

I am not a fan of military drones.

I am a fan of service drones.

They can search and rescue, deliver medicine to elderly people, and that is where most of our drone work is focused.

Every time we talked customers, everyone wants to know about star wars.

What about these hobbyist weapon i drones -- weapon i -- weaponized drones.

Everyone think that this is 15 years off, but it is very relevant and it is relevant now.

I do not want to be taste by a drone.

It could chase a criminal down, and follow it and stop -- follow him and shot him and disable him, or there is a car chase and police are firing shots that could hit innocent bystanders, i see a positive in that.

That is the discussion we want to have with the public.

We want to have an educated, informed discussion.

How do we as a society want to

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