Meet the Doctors Who Became Medicare Millionaires

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April 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Megan Hughes breaks down Medicare billing information as payments to some individual doctors totaled tens of millions of dollars. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We are talking about here.

Consumer groups say it is a big win for transparency.

$77 billion in medicaid dollars paid to 880 thousand providers in 2012. going through these numbers, what is shocking is just how much money a select few doctors at the top made.

More than one of them has been accused of fraud in the past.

The highest-paid doctor by the medicare program in 2012 is an ophthalmologist in west palm beach.

$21 million just in 2012. 64 times the average national payment to after knowledge us -- to ophthalmologists that year.

He overbilled medicare in 2009. if the name sounds familiar, he is the same doctor that contributed to robert menendez's campaign, hosted him on his private plane.

The senator was accused of intervening in a tilling ci -- in a billing dispute.

Another doctor in the top 10 is in jail.

Number 7 in terms of payments.

He got $10 million just in 2012. he was arrested in august on charges of fraud dating back to 2007. he was accused by patients of administering treatments to patients that did not need those treatments.

Here's one of his patients at a hearing at the end of march.

I went to see two different doctors.

Both of them agreed i did not need these treatments.

Over the course of seven months, i paid this dr.

$1500 in co-pays.

I later found out he had received over $14,000 for giving me these treatments.

Important to point out reporters were not allowed to

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