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July 28 (Bloomberg) -- Tim Pernetti, chief business owner at New York City Football Club, discusses the organization's business model and strategy with Cory Johnson on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

K's largest professional recruiting agency.

Here to discuss the business side of soccer, tim pernetti.

There are a number of people looking at what you're doing with great admiration already.

Explain your business model.

That is great to hear.

We look at the new york business market, it is such a chaotic market.

There are eight or nine proteins.

When you are a new franchise, you have to cut through in a unique way.

Everything from the beginning has been about engagement.

We are letting fans decide -- they're looking over your shoulder.

We are letting fans decide where they get to sit in the stadium.

Don't fans always get to decide where they sit in the stadium?

It is equivalent to the student section in college sports.

We sat down with our supporters.

We put a map down in front of them, and we said where do you want to set?

We thought maybe here.

They said, no, the left field bleachers.

I think that is the best way to cut through.

It is good to know others are taking notice.

What is your media strategy question mark as you know in sports everyone is competing for exposure.

Mls is doing a great job.

We have done a local broadcast deal we will be ready to announce soon.

We have created a deal with cbs radio to have english-spanish broadcast about our games.

We are pushing as much out there as possible.

Cutting a deal is one thing.

What kind of splits do you work out in terms of advertising?

How do you get paid but out by the media?

It depends.

Our local broadcast and radio deal, those are advertising dollars that are recouped by the broadcaster.

They are paying for the right to televise our games.

There is revenue-sharing in all broadcast games.

We are up to about a dozen sponsorships and growing.

That is an investment in the club.

Recruiting -- it is a category that is not very vibrant in terms of spores.

It is unique to what we're doing because it is an investment sponsorship in the club.

Hays is helping out.

It is great because they are not just a sponsor.

They can help us build a high-performing staff.

And you have signed some big players, big on the international scene.

What is it like to try to get these guys to play in a place where the competition is not the top rung in the world?

Signing is complicated.

There are a lot of people involved in the process.

At the good news -- david villa is a younger player.

He is 32 years old.

The beckham model.

Sure, he is a younger player.

He has a lot of years in front of him.

A lot of international players in the u.s. and other places are really excited to play because the league is growing in a lot of people want to play in new york.

How does the franchise ownership work?

We are owned by the new york city football club.

We have the new york yankees as the other owner in our franchise.

The best thing about having a franchise in new york is having two global iconic sports brands behind this.

Because of the brand recognition, the access, hitting football expertise from manchester city football club, it has been a terrific marriage of strong brands.

In college sports -- it is going to be fun to creating new model.

This is a somewhat different model than any other professional sport in the u.s.. i think you're right.

Building in pro sports is different today than it was 20 years ago.

Building in a chaotic market -- this is a 20-year-old league.

I think people got a glimpse

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