Meet the 6'6" 340-lb. Giant Protecting Eli Manning

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June 13 (Bloomberg) -- New York Giants offensive guard Geoff Schwartz discusses the business of football, concussions in the NFL and building a brand in New York City. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Belmont stakes, we have had the world cup finals and the nba finals.

Let's start off to giving with the workouts and what actually is going on and what your summer schedule is looking light.

We report april 21 for a nine week schedule.

We had the field, and right now we just finished our 10th organized team activity.

Where they're from 8:00 a.m., 212 30 p.m., and then we're done for the day.

We begin minicamp next week.

Let's talk about your career.

What is different about playing for the new york giants?

I wanted to come to a team that expects to win the super bowl every year, and there is nothing acceptable be on that.

Just a vibe of the city and the opportunities here.

It has been a great experience.

What about the vibe you want manning to have when he is in the back being surrounded by you, hoping that you're not going to let anybody touch him?

I want to have a nice clean area for him to throw the ball among because last year he was on the ground a little bit too much.

That is why they brought me and a couple of other guys into solidify that pocket.

Is this something always you grew up dreaming of?

I grew up dreaming of baseball, but i realize football is probably a better option.

And now i am at where i am at now.

You were telling me you wear a size 18 shoe?


You must have a difficult time just trying to live the type of life that other people take for granted.

It is tough to find dress shoes and fit into a cab.

I enjoy being who i am, i have no problem with that.

Greg february from eli manning -- have you heard from eli manning?

Has he put in a nice word?

He is definitely happy that he has a new alineman group.

Anything you can offer in terms of his ankle surgery?

He has been practicing.

There is no surprise there.

He is way ahead of agile, yes.

All of the rest -- of schedule, he has done all of the rest needed.

Your brother also plays.

What does your family think?

They could not be more proud of us.

They try to make as many games possible.

Just to have my brother to talk to and bounce ideas off of, it is nice to have him there to be able to talk to him.

Tell me about your nonfootball ventures.

You're putting together some businesses.

We are working on a group together.

We both like to cook a lot, and being brothers in the nfl and the lifestyle we have to live and where we have to eat, it is a thing we always thought that.

But it is a special group cookbook?

Yes, because we are jewish, and we really focus on our family.

It will be about how food brings that together.

How're you feeling about being on the field, in terms of being on the games, rules and regulations?

It is tough to observe judaism to your fullest while you are playing.

You have to accept it.

You do not get off the holidays, and i know it is not ideal sometimes, but you only have so many used to play butfootball.

I try to do what i can, but i have a job to do,. . you have to withstand things like confessions on a regular basis -- concussions on a regular basis.

Have the nfl and teams put into place and the protections that you feel you can go out and do your job and not come back 10 light years later?

They have done a lot of improvements into making sure to treat a concussion.

We take the proper rest we need, and if it happens, they have given us a good rundown of the side effects.

What do you really talk about in the huddle?

Your recipes?


[laughter] most of the conversation has to do with how the plays are going, what do we need to do to get better, did you see that?

I try to keep it loose because i

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