Meet Patrón's Newest Tequila Line: Roca

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Lee Applbaum, chief marketing officer at Patrón Spirits International, discusses the tequila business and the company's new Roca tequila line with Cory Johnson on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Joining me now is the chief marketing officer.

Talk to me about selling tequila.

I feel like people, most of their experiences will be a horrible one because they drink horrible tequila.

Our mission was to fundamentally change that perception and to evolve from that bad college story to the noble spirit that it really is.

We have very sophisticated consumers out there.

I do not know that hard spirits market to well.

Craft spirits, handmade spirits, arch is no craft min ship, we see this doing very well.

Small distilleries are doing beautiful work.

We put the same level of work into the products and brands that we produce, we just do it at scale.

Is there a number for a craft beer?

There is not a number it is about the process.

Small business in a single place trying to make a particular quality.


The craftsmanship.

Rocha petrone means rocket spanish -- rock in spanis we use a two ton willh.

Panic wheel that crushes the agape -- we use a two ton volcanic wheel that crushes the angave.

How does the price point compared?

? it is serious tequila.

The production runs smaller because the market might be smaller.

Is it limited by the process itself?

The process is certainly more labor-intensive.

Clearly that limits to some degree the speed at which you can produce it.

Every bottle we produce have the same amount of art isisnal care.

It stays in contact with the juiced, so it is a very complex flavor.

It sounds more like a wine and less like a spirit.


Is that a way that people are consuming this?

Is the business of these kinds of spirits changing?

Is a demographically driven?

People are just interested in the back story.

They won't understand what they are eating, what they are drink, how things are made.

I think that story is really important to them.

Whether they are drinking it need, on the rocks, or in a cocktail come they want to know that it is real.

Your last game, which was enormously different, you work at radioshack and what ties these together?

Issai would suppose that there is a fair amount of tequila being consumed at radioshack right now.

[laughter] it is a very iconic american brand.

It is a tough is this for them right now.

Here i am the great fortune of working on a brand with unparalleled brand metrics.

Everything from brand awareness to all the quality metrics which are enviable for any marketer.

For me it is just a an honor.

I read all of the financials and went through with the books.

A technology business in the age of technology that cannot get it together.

Is it about transition to new technology?

It is hypercompetitive.

So much of that leverage is on mobility, and it is a very tricky one.

I think the brand is a wonderful one, the people in the business are great people, work hard and have a passion for, but it is

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