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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman examines the career of Pandora's new CEO Brian McAndrews and the challenges he faces in the fight for supremacy in streaming music. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

President and a partner at the trona venture group.

Tell us more about him.

We should point out -- our understanding is when pandora went to look or their new ceo, it looked everywhere.

It was not looking at one specific industry.

It came back with a handful of names that appealed and brian was at the top of the list.

You have to understand what comes to the stock story with pandora, over the last few months is what has been fueling it is the financial performance.

The company is finding more effective ways of implementing more advertising into the music experience without disrupting the user experience.

It's a really important thing.

It seems like a small thing but it's important.

Here is somebody for the last decade has been navigating digital marketing waters and can write off the bat add to that and add some perspective as being someone who worked in traditional media and was on the board of the "new york times." at one point, our understanding is pandora reached out to him for a possible board position.

This is a long-term bet for an aura.

If you think about pandora as a platform if you think of something like netflix as a platform, we don't yet know how the story is going to lay out -- to play out.

Maybe pandora has more opportunities outside of what it's doing right now, even though it seems to be focused on taking business away from traditional radio.

Here is somebody who's thought a long time about how business models can be changed and scrapped very quickly and made his name with the sale of quantity microsoft for roughly $6 billion.

One of the biggest issues for pandora is how much it pays out in royalties and pandora is during up to make its case in washington on this issue.

Why not negate ceo that specializes in something like this?

You are right here there's no bigger cost than that or that meant their concern over the years has been there are some that don't have the same kind of royalty rate that pandora has to pay.

Our understanding is while these issues are front and center, there's a legal team focused on

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