Meet Jimmy, the 3D Printed Robot That Tweets

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June 23 (Bloomberg) -- Intel futurist Brian David Johnson explains how Intel is powering the robotic future. He speaks with Cory Johnson on "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Their own robots and print them on a three-day printer -- on a 3-d printer.

Brian johnson joins me from new york to discuss robots.

You of him telling me about jimmy for about a year or so.

What do you got?

Here is jimmy.

We will walk him around as we talk.

Jimmy is part of a 21st-century robot project.

Is an open-source, 3-d printable robot.

How big is it?

He is knee-high?

He is about two foot tall.

It took us about two weeks to build them from scratch.

We worked with a company called trossen robotics.

This is a research version.

The idea is that you can design the look of it.

Your robot does not have to look like jimmy.

People can design their own robot.

They can also make the robot personal by make -- by downloading apps.

You don't have to understand artificial intelligence.

All you really need is to download apps like a smartphone.

What you have already programmed into this is the ability to the aware of its environment or the moving capabilities and so on?

Right now, we have a minimum platform.

We have the hardware down.

We have this version and that we are going to have another one later this year that is powered by the intel edison.

We have the hardware set and now we're working on the software where we are going to be releasing an app store.

Pretty much, he will be able to walk and talk and tweak and talk to you.

I was playing around with your avatar messaging app.

This strikes me -- we went for a walk and he was really jazzed about expanding the places where intel chips are being used so that inventors and people using things like open source are using intel.

That is what really impresses me about brian's vision.

He really understands as intel moves into the 21st century, we certainly have our traditional business that we will continue to do.

He is really lowoking out to makers and educators that has this competition that is so small.

You look at the edison platform, it is so small.

We are looking at different places for innovation.

We are branching out with makers and students and average folks as well.

I believe that inventing and business and design is all about getting the fork in the road and making a choice.

What decisions have you made about jimmy?

He looks cute and not threatening.

That was purposeful.

We worked with an industry -- an illustrator and he designed jimmy to be cute, not threatening.

These robots are here to be our friend and we are really in control.

We wanted to make jimmy really approachable.

Kids love him.

Ivan traveling around talking to first graders and 10-year-olds about jimmy.

Getting into their imaginations because that is where i think the innovation comes from.

We go to them and say here is some software, what your robot to be?

You can name it.

Tell me what you want your robot to do.

We got amazing feedback from these kids.

10-year-olds, me.

I'm sure they have better questions.

What are they asking?

This is my scientific research of traveling around talking to young kids about what a robot should be able to do.

It turns out if you want a robot to be successful, it has to do two things.

The first thing he needs to have indicat -- is a cape.

The second thing you need to do is fart.

[laughter] really?

That is the part i found really interesting is that kids understood that robots should be fun.

It should not be serious all the time.

We had one young lady who said she wanted her robot to be able to dance with her.

We had another robot who said she lives in a trilingual neighborhood.

She would want her robot to follow her around and be a translator so that everybody she talked to could talk to other people.

You begin to see these really beautiful applications that these kids are coming up with.

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