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Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Scene,” Meme Manager for Internet Celebrities Ben Lashes discusses managing internet stars and keeping the fans happy. He speaks with Adam Johnson and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

How did you get started?

Thanks for having me on.

I used to play rock emerald music and when i took a break from hyping my own thing, a family friend of mine called me up and he had a video go completely viral and didn't know really what to do with it.

How do you figure that out?

How do you take something as stupid as the image of a cat or a cat playing piano?

What is your process of getting it from a fun image to a legit brand?

The keyword is "cat," the aforementioned first clients that i had.

A few keep the fans happy, that is a good business.

[laughter] i'm just looking at all of the pictures of the cats.

Keep going.

A few keep them happy, it turns into a business.

-- if you keep them happy.

How much money can you make?

There is no cap on how much money you can make with anything.

It is the same question, how much money can you make with a mouse in the shorts?

How much money can you make on anything?

It is another thing that people love.

A really passionate fan base when it hit and it's a spark.

It's like asking why the beatles are the best band ever.

They just are.

Limitless potential.

Is there anything new you're working on right now that you think could be big?

All of these friends that i brought.

This is pn oh cap, keyboard cat, and -- nyan cat, keyboard cat, grumpy cat.

After this appearance, i'm sure everyone will go out and buy 10 copies and get this back on "the new york times" bestseller list.

We are always working on things.

Ben lashes, thanks.

Weird wall street is next.

We'll be right back.

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