Meet Mary Barra: GM's New CEO Takes the Stage

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Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Jamie Butters reports on the challenges ahead for new General Motors CEO Mary Barra on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

About her because this was really her first public appearance at the detroit auto show since getting the job.

That is right.

Mary barra has been with gm her whole adult life, starting as a college intern and working her way through.

She is an engineer by training.

She was a vice president for vehicle manufacturing engineering, ran product development, and did some time in hr where she brought the engineering ecosphere to streamline paperwork and simplify -- if those there -- hr, where she brought the engineering ethios there to simplify and streamline paperwork.

What does she need to do -- what are the must do's she needs to take part in in the next year at gm?

Gm needs to stop losing money in europe.

Gm and ford have continued to lose money.

They say they are on track to stop losing money by mid decade, and somewhat think that is 2015 or 2016, but gm seems to be on track.

They need to keep that focus however they do it.

They have had stops and starts, partnerships, will they keep or sell opel -- they have to get that figured out.

They have to keep on the throttle in china.

They announced aggressive expansion plans there this morning and elaborated this morning.

They into get to 5 million vehicles a year in china.

North america is still the most profitable, also valuable market in the world, and the need to get cadillac competitive with lexis and bmw, and keep making chevy matter.

She brings the right skill set.

Mark rice is for product development chief and with her running the show, they have a shot at doing all of that.

Jamie, thank you.

We are watching mary barra.

Jamie butters, are on auto editor in the trade.

I want to bring in our guest host, bob benmosche, president and ceo of aig, who is coming off of a successful 2013. two weeks before new year's, he aig announced the sale of its aircraft leasing business which will bring in over $5 billion and relieve over $20 billion in

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