Meet Fonzie: A Twerking, 3D-Printed Robot

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Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Limor Schweitzer, founder & director at Robosavvy, introduces “Fonzie” the dancing robot and explains how the company is using him to develop a research platform for human-robot interaction. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

You thought your friends -- you brought your friend.

This is -- this is been reprogrammed for a dance.

Let's see how fonzie works.

This is the moment that everybody has been waiting for.

[daft punk plays] ? this has to be the first twer king robot.

It is a research platform.

It is used for research.

We have gotten him to choreograph dances.

It has been entertaining and we have presented him in conferences.

We are developing a platform for researchers.

They can focus on human-robot interaction.

And it has capable platforms.

Today, the application for robots are for research.

There are 3000 robotists researching robotics.

They have a popular and challenging subjects.

It is based in portugal.

One would think that this is the perfect place for you to begin helping this robot -- the developing this robot.

In israel, there is capital and they're focused on software.

Hardware has not reached israel.

The creator of fonzie.

From all of us, back to you in

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