Measuring Flexjet's Rising Role in the Air

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Flexjet President Deanna White discusses the company's effort to make private flying more accessible to the mainstream consumers with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Coming up tonight.

And flexjet, a division of bombardier, once to make flying easier.

With increased demand, flexjet recently ordered over $5 billion worth of business jets to add to their fleet, and included in the order is the new learjet 85, which flexjet is showcasing this week in new york city.

For more details, i am joined by the flexjet president, deanna white.

Thanks for coming in.

The learjet 85. composite material, assembled from pieces, and contractors all over the world, what makes the learjet 85 so special?

It is the lightest, the fastest, and the roomie is just that leader -- learjet has ever made.

Flexjet is actually the launch company for bombardier.

We are the only ones to buy that.

If you want a fractional share, you have to come through us.

Bo xilai -- bombardier makes learjet.

When will the plane be available for use?

As soon as it takes its first flight, approximately one year after, you will see delivery, and we have already sold 68 shares in advance.


What does a share cost was tumor it is approximately $1 million and 50 hours per year.

And comparatively, the other, about $18 million.

Do people care about this when flying private?

Yes, because this goes into the situation.

What market are you looking to go after.

This will revolutionize the midsize category.

Most of our customers are business executives and entrepreneurs who use private traveling as a business tool.

It is a great way to get to three different cities, three different business engagements in one day and still make it home for dinner.

Ok, the learjet 85, that is coming up.

What is your favorite jet right now?

Our workforce is the challenger 300. they have a new model coming out, which is the challenger 350, which is included in our aircraft order.

It is a large standup cabin.

It is wonderful for an operator like us to maintain and to fly efficiently.

What kind of amenities are people looking for inside the cabin?

What about technology?

Wi-fi, for example?


All of our new aircraft that we are producing are going to be wi-fi equipped, and our challengers are wi-fi equipped in our fleet.

Also, entertainment centers, so you will have access to movies, entertainment, anything you need, and we also offer more.

You mentioned the challenger 300. that is the one you prefer.


But there are other learjet, like the 45. what do you find is the most popular?

In our fleet, the most popular is the challenger 300. it is the workhorse of our fleet, but the other has a huge following.

It is the fastest business jet around.

It is very comfortable.

Lear 60 has standup cabin capabilities.

The various parts coming together in the learjet 85. the comfort all over the world.

Give us an example.

Bombardier has manufacturing plants in mexico, in ireland, in wichita, and montreal, so various pieces of the aircraft

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