McDonald’s Results Driven by Local Markets: Marco

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Anya Marco, director of insight at Allegra Strategies, previews second-quarter results from McDonald’s and looks at the impact of their global strategy. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.”

Dreaded gees.

Talk to me about mackey d's. it is a global company, is it not gekko we are looking at different drivers for different markets.

If we are looking overall at the numbers, positive, but smaller, we are looking at steady growth.

It will probably be around one percent.

Probably 30% of their overall global sales.

The u.s. is likely to be down given the recent issues of government lockdown.

That was during the third quarter.

I think it will come through in the third quarter.

It was ok.

It was not strong growth.

You have the states that are much lower than that in august.

You have got to be aware of what happened in september.

Talk to me about europe.

You talked to me about localization.

France is incredibly important for them.

It has not worked yet in germany.

Talk to me about this european market and the ability to localize.

The real strength about mcdonald's is that it recognizes what its consumers wants.

It recognizes where it can draw the line.

They know they cannot produce super low fat because something does not exist.

I think the key with the strategy is that they listen to their consumers and they look at the market.

They are very aware that certain markets will have a cultural tradition of the way they key out and what they want to eat.

They are not just going to sell the american burger.

They are going to have a menu that reflects what consumers like to eat as well as what the american menu is.

Mcdonald's economic recovery, here in the u.k., you look at everything that comes through the door here.

It is fantastic.

Is that going to change where mcdonald's is?

Am i going to trade up?

You certainly are.

Ultimately, a recession is very good for mcdonald's and the value chains.

Eating out is now part of everyday life.

That is tanks in part to mcdonald's coming in and revolutionizing how we ate out.

With the amount of choice that we have and in certain key markets, the competition from more artists in, authentic, and smaller players.

It is not necessarily the big head to heads that are the issue.

It is five guys, shake shacks, it is the smaller premium burger places.

The quality is such that the consumers are willing to trade up to that.

In a bar in london and you had to burgers and two chips, $120. i think thebooze possibly lifted it a bit.

Value created out of lower propositions into burberry.

It is still in slow growth.

We are not necessarily jumping for joy.

The interest rates are being kept low providing that interest-rate stay below seven percent.

It is actually higher than it has been in six years.

Consumers actually eating out and doing much more so.

Yes, they are spending.

They ending in two ways.

They are maintaining a value legacy.

You mentioned $120 on decent burgers.

When it comes to getting value for money, it is about where the lecture he comes in.

-- luxury comes in.

Anyone can go in and get something.

They are a great brand.

Consumers like the brand.

You will buy into the brand.

With tiffany's, i can spend a small amount.

Is something more expensive that i can save up to.

They are catering to both ends of the market.

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