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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Trish Regan, Julie Hyman, Cristina Alesci and Olivia Sterns wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


Let's move to the roundup.

Julie, you are kicking things off again.

We are going to talk mcdonald's. they are doing everything to win back customers.

They have changed their prices, they change the products.

Now, they are changing the drive here.

It takes much longer than taco bell and wendy's. customers are noticing and they have been complaining.

The solution, a third drive through window.

It is called fast forward drive through.

It will start next year.

Patrons pay at the first window and they pick it up at the second.

Now, they will pick it up from a third window.

Now, i have to go sit n/a parking space.

It feeds the whole purpose.

108 seconds, that does not sound too bad.

That is too long.

I want to know why people are in such a rush.

70% of their sales come from drive-through.

We all live in new york.

Drive who's, they actually -- drive-through's, they have one in manhattan.

That is what it is like to be entrenched in the suburbs.

Starbucks has one.

They have shortened their lines in new york.


This is when you try to complicate the menu.

That changes everything in the kitchen and that slows down the whole operations.

This whole thing is a symphony of logistics.

You can get the eggs at the same time that the hamburgers are frying.

When you add a new item to the menu, it slows everything down.

You know my average into condiments.

All of those things they put on a mcdonald's hamburger.

Growing up, we would get to the window, i would order my playing hamburger and we would always have to step aside.

We would have to go park our car in the parking lot.

Because it was something different.

The more things you introduce, the more you slow down the process.

That is why you have to eat condiments.

At the griddle gets too hot.

That is why.

Once they turn it up, it is too hot for the eggs and then you burn them.

That means getting you out of the kitchen.

If you don't want to be in the publication business, don't be in it.

That might be happening over at forbes media.

According to a memo sent by the company to employees, the new york based publisher of forbes is working with the deutsche bank on a potential sale.

According to people with knowledge of the matter, forbes is seeking $400 million for the properties.

There are many questions as to what will be sold and what is forbes if you take forbes the magazine out of it.

$400 million, that is a huge number.

The "washington post" was worth two hundred $50 million.

How do you get someone to pay $400 million for a magazine?

Roger mcnamee, they invested 200 $40 million for 45% back in 2006. -- 26 million back in 2006. they were doing forbes in the ukraine.

Why is that?

Because it brings in a lot of money the overall brand.

The problem is that this is a business and structural decline.

"newsweek" was sold.

Even "maxim." " business week" was for a dollar.

In effect, it was $40 million and has turned into a lock buster investment.

"bloomberg businessweek" arguably the best magazine today.

It is edgy, it is outstanding.

By the way, it is crushing forbes, i am happy to say.

I have to agree.

We need the tom shameless plug.

It is the truth.

Yoga wear maker lulu lemon is trying another tactic to spin their sheer pants nightmare into a win.

They have reconstructed their see-through leggings into a $92 pair of pants.

The new pants includes and asked a layer of fabric on the back as well as a mesh lining in the pant legs.

This comes on the back of those controversial comments that the founder made to me on this very show just a few weeks ago.

Let me jog your memory.

Some women's bodies do not work for it.

There is rubbing through the guys, how much pressure is there.

We had the ceo of the home shopping network and she knows the male consumers.

We asked her what she thought about the controversy.

-- she knows the female consumers.

We asked her what she thought about the controversy.

Lulu lemon is a great company am about to that point, i i think they really have to be careful not to alienate their customer and really gaining and regaining her trust is absolutely going to be the thing that they have to focus on.

Shipped is a real sincere guy.

That brand is in his heart and soul.

-- chip is a real sincere guy.

I have not seen adam johnson since all of this happened.

You and i have both been out on different things.

I am curious to hear his reaction.

My initial thought was, don't go there.

There are some places that you just don't go with women and you don't talk about the size of their rear ends in yoga pants and then blame them for their not fitting.

You grow up with sisters and a mother.

It is mind-boggling.

Guys, there certain things you don't say and that is one of them.

Of course, matt miller, he said, well, he is just telling the truth, right.

I agree with matt.

Not everybody should wear everything.

Maybe it was impolitic for him to say so.

The real crossing of the line is to blame the quality problems on the women wearing the close.

Clearly he is trying to skirt the quality issue.

We disagree on this point.

I am too short to be wearing flats.

This could not have come at a worse time for the company.

They have a lot more competition on their heels.

There is a brand from the uk that opened up in soho.

Well, they are not making any offensive products and their products are just as good or not better as lulu.

It is one thing if you are wearing a size pants that are too small for you and then they are transparent when you are doing a downward dog.

Even an action small what where and next to large in our pants.

-- and asked her small wood where -- you probably want to do a little less.

Clouds that is a lot of money.

Those are effectively workout pants.

-- that is a lot of money.

Those are effectively workout pants.

Well, that wasn't fair.

No, it was not.

I had glad am glad you agreed with me.

The granddaughters of the late estee lauder have become billionaires thanks to the bull market for cosmetic companies.

Each control more than 17 million shares of the company.

The stock is worth about $2.6 billion.

Estee lauder is up 23% this year.

The family controls more than 85% of the voting shares.

There they are.

Before you say they are just terrorists is and they inherited all of this money, may i point out that they both work in the company.

Erin is the head of style and image and jane is the head of several of the estee lauder brands.

Women in management.

Of course started by woman.

I like the fact that women are billionaires.

Estee lauder is the ultimate female success story.

She was born in queens.


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