McDonald's Monopoly Big on Fries, Small on Chances

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Off The Charts," Bloomberg chief markets correspondent Scarlet Fu looks at the your odds of winning big prizes in the return of McDonald's Monopoly game. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

You have to collect all the properties of that one certain site.

Take a guess what you have to collect?

Boardwalk and park place.

Your chances of finding boardwalk is one in 602 million.

Good look at that.

We will put it to the test later on.

If you want to get gas -- you don't drive a new york city.

You would have to collect all the railroads.

That is when it is hard to find.

There is also a prize that involves the super bowl.

Are you interested in that one?

Orange proper season -- tennessee avenue is a hard to find.

The odds are 1 in 602 million.

If you want a new car, you have defined all the green properties.

The one you need there is pennsylvania avenue.

One in 40 million.

This is for a brand-new fiat.

People in that getting prizes for food, which could be exciting.

About one in five or one in four would get you a free prize.

The most common that you would get is french fries.

I am happy about.

If you want a quarter pounder with cheese or a mcflurry, 1 in 44 odds.

How long have they been doing this?

Many years.

They are in one form of another.

Let's go after the show.

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