McDonald’s Drive-Thru Makeover Speeds-Up Fast Food

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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Alix Steel reports that McDonald’s has announced it will add a third drive-thru window in a bid to speed up service time for customers. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

70% of sales through drive thru windows.

What do we know about this third window?

Mcdonald's is looking at october same-store sales in the u.s. of 0.2%. in brief and its menu, trying to deal with the speed issue.

Customers have been complaining about slow service.

The third drive thru window is called fast forward drive thru.

[laughter] don't laugh, tom.

Mcdonald's comes in at 189 seconds, higher than taco bell and wendy's. that is slowing versus last year.

Even if they get it to 134 seconds, isn't it about food?

70% of people cap -- by food through the drive thru.

In the 25% through breakfast.

Mcdonald's is diversifying its a customization.

The food you want when you want it, that takes longer and is more complex to make.

They are trying to offset that.

Nicole at piper jaffray says helping speed and expanding their offerings in grocery stores, they are teaming up with kraft to offer coffee, that should generate over $1 billion in a share gains over the coming year.

Over the longer term.

What is interesting is the number of everyday customers going through the drive through.

This has got to be there core audience and core profit.

How are you going to pay for it?

Franchisees or business or mcdonald's has to pay.

65% are franchisees, they already have menu changes and higher rent, cost issues.

Also, the real estate.

Mcdonald's in new york cannot expand to a third drive thru.

Brendan greeley has been frustrated in dunkin' donuts.

He likes to have a separate line.

These custom orders is

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