McDonald’s CEO Defends Worker Wages as ‘Fair’

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May 22 (Bloomberg) -- McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson, defending the fast-food chain after worker protests this week, said its restaurants pay a fair wage. Yang Yang reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)


The mood at the meeting was far more positive than the mood outside.

Outside today and yesterday, we saw more than 1000 protesters yesterday stormed through the entrance of the mcdonald camp.

Ultimately, 138 mcdonald's labor and clergy members were arrested inside that area.

The ceo don thompson said mcdonald's is going to pay back to its shareholders $4.9 billion in 2013. a part -- a far more positive mood inside, but don thompson did address the issue of low wages.

But minimally.

Here is what he had to say.

We respect the fact that they had -- that they want to challenge us relative to wages.

We continue to believe that we pay fair and competitive wages and we provide opportunity and job opportunities and training for those entering the workforce.

We are trying to be a really great employer.

That was about the extent of the comments on the low-wage protests that we've seen today, yesterday, last week, the last few months.

That is all we really heard, despite protesters best efforts yesterday.

The demonstration yen -- yesterday was the largest we've seen.

What exactly are the protesters asking for?

They are asking for a $15 living wage.

Your guests, seattle mayor ed mary, would probably have to agree with them.

-- ed murray would probably have to agree with them.

And they are asking for a raise in wages without retaliation.

And they say their point is to show the american -- the average american what mcdonald's employees look like.

It is not just teenagers looking for spending money.

Most of their employees are adult with families they need to pay for.

And the nine dollar an hour average that fast food workers are getting paid in the united states is not enough to make ends meet.

That is what they are here to fight for.

And they said they would keep fighting until they get their way.

Yang yang joining us from outside mcdonald's headquarters in illinois.

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