McDonald's CEO Don Thompson Grades Obama

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- McDonald's President and CEO Don Thompson discusses the performance of President Obama with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

A speech to reshape his policies.

He is going to talk about the improvement in the economy.

What do you hope to hear from the president in these remarks?

In a few hours, i will be speak into a group of our franchisees from across the united states represents our leadership.

Would i expect to hear or hope to hear, that there is a sense of optimism about the economy , about job growth, about household earnings continuing to go up and more jobs being produced, which is really the footnotes of it.

We need more jobs and a stronger economy, stronger gdp growth.

Hopefully those kinds of things will come forward.

The discussion about what has gone on in congress and the white house has added to uncertainty for many ceos.

Have it added to uncertainty for you?

We have a consumer-based business.

Every day is slightly uncertain.

Customers come in with different expectations everyday.

We had to be able to manage through and make sure we provide things they want.

Relative to the broader macroeconomic conditions around the world, we have too managed through has there been more uncertainty?


There is a hesitancy to invest.

We have a delay in healthcare.

We stay in touch with all of our owner operators.

I don't have a determination -- if we are ready, they made a determination.

We as a system have been having a lot of conversations with our system as a whole.

If there is a delay -- we will abide by that and move within.

The president will speak to why there is delaying but i don't know.

I will be honest -- my focus is on the golden arches.

When i had the chance to visit washington dc, i will make comments based upon the system.

Ours is about those restaurants and customers.

The president has called upon various ceos for advice.

Has he called upon you?

There has been a couple of conference calls on have set down with the.

What would you advise the president and the rest of his term on economic policy?

I am not an economist.

What i would recommend would be the things that will support our business and that is, if there is economic growth, if there is job growth, those things we know from a mcdonald's perspective make for a more vibrant economy.

Those things make for robustness and discretionary spending and that makes for a stronger mcdonald's. as well as a stronger more eating out business will stop that is what we desire.

I think that it has to be sustainable economy.

It cannot be a blip.

I think that is what the administration and what the house and the senate are working on.

I am not their daily and i don't want to be there daily.

You want to be here.

Don, thank you for staying with us for the hour.

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