McCain: U.S. Must Reevaluate Relations With Russia

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) comments on the latest developments in the Ukraine crisis. He speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


It is difficult to know because he just awaken on saturday to realize that this in beijing was taking place on friday the secretary of state said there has been a huge misunderstanding here, we need to clarify it.

It's too early to tell how he is handling it now.

What he is doing is paying the piper for the years of neglect and delusions about the true nature of vladimir putin.

Is vladimir putin willing to call our bluff?

We saw happen in syria.

Is this another situation like that?

No, i think what this is, as i warned some time ago, after the overthrow of janik wrote which.

-- a major naval base is the key to his belief in power and the need to have russian strength, and that he wasn't going to give it up.

He just proved that, and he proved again that despite the president's assertion that the cold war is over, as he ridiculed mitt romney in their debate, that's not true with putin.

He believes the cold war is still on.

He believes in the russian empire and he believes that at least crimea is the key to maintaining that empire.

How should we be responding to that?

First of all, we should condemn it.

Second of all, we should obviously call for a whole reevaluation and another reset of our relations with russia, based this time on the realism of dealing with an old kgb colonel, and then we need to, i believe, accelerate the path of moldova and georgia into nato.

I think we should restart our missile defense systems in the czech republic and poland.

I think first and foremost we have to stabilize the ukraine economy so that they can have a chance to organize and exist where they can.

What if we don't do this?

It sounds like in your estimation, the president is not recognizing the threat that vladimir putin is.

What do we risk as a nation in terms of our own security if we allow this to continue?

First of all, putin's excuse is to take care of the russian speaking people that are in ukraine.

He is worried about them.

Well, there are russian speaking people in poland, romania, latvia, estonia, list the lamia.

So this is an assertion -- by the way, adolf hitler used it prior to the outbreak of four or two.

-- of world war ii.

We have to understand that vladimir putin is an old cold war warrior, and we have to treat him as such.

That means sanctions, including a dramatic expansion of the so-called act where we hold people responsible for the things that have been done.

And basically an understanding that we are dealing with the individual we are dealing with, rather than the illusions that the president has had about him all along.

Two examples, one was when he spoke to medvedev and said tell vladimir i will be more flexible after i am reelected.

But probably as important as that is the president's belief that somehow they would collaborate, and when the president decided not to strike syria after he threatened to do so, that sent a message that reverberated throughout the world and as far away as china.

That was republican senator john mccain in washington.

He has taken some pretty strong

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