Mayer: Mobile Was One of the Missed Opportunities

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May 7 (Bloomberg) -- Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer speaks about mobile at TechCrunch’s NY Disrupt 2014. (Source: Bloomberg)

Is getting mobile write a live or die issue for yahoo!? it is a critical issue.

It was one of the biggest opportunities that i saw when i came there.

There were very few people working on it, when now we have hundreds of people working on it.

We have made big advances.

We have started to see that mobile is approximately doubling a long entry metric we have in terms of -- doubling along every metric we have.

We have one of the largest mobile audiences in the world already.

When i think about the opportunity -- when you think about -- it was interesting.

We pulled a list of what people do on their phones, with a few key deletions, you could read the list and feel like you are describing yahoo!'s business -- mail, maps, news, share photos, pictures, games, group communication, sports -- you get the idea.

So, we were in all of those areas, now it is a matter of taking the content and services that we have online and bringing them onto the phone in every meaningful way.

The person that runs mobile for you is adam, and my

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