Mayer: I Love Hard Work, I Love Challenges

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer speaks about her career at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Her and asked her about the move from google to yahoo and how she felt going from the darling of silicon valley to a company that is fighting to stay relevant.

I like hard work and i would say i love google.

I was there for 13 years.

If you told me i would be as happy anywhere else, i would doubt it.

It's been a phenomenal experience.

I love hard work in big challenges.

I got a group of people that were assembled that were ready and have been rising to the challenge.

Do you think this crowd is a crowd you can get back to your product?

Whether fantasy football or anything, how many people have been to yahoo in the past month?

About half or more than half.

We haven't lost those users, we just want more of their time and attention.

We think we can give great tools that can help.

The core has always been about organizing the web and helping people figure out how to spend their time.

Our news stream that organizes all the news stories on our homepage, we have one on a sophisticated algorithm and i'm proud of what the team has done there and i think they are just getting started.

Yahoo is obviously an advertising-driven company and we are about organizing the right content and advertising for each of our users.

There's a lot we can do for our users that happen on the site once a month or once a week in terms of giving them a reason to come back, spending more time on the site.

Do you use yahoo mail?

I do.

I assume you were not using it much when you are at google, but did you find this is awful and we had to change some things or did you find it was actually pretty good?

I think there are a few key features i miss but i think it's a really strong product.

I like the fact that one of the things i used for fast e-mail processing is fine.

For me, i like really basic e- mail.

I like it to be fast, efficient and simple and minimalist.

That is what pine is.

It's a command terminal program.

I use that great what i really love about yahoo mail is it loads fast, faster than gmail.

We've seen a lot of efficiency and speed approved -- speed improvement.

It's just e-mail.

It doesn't have video chat and these other things which we may experiment with but i think can ultimately get in the way in terms of using mail every single day and wanting to be fast and efficient with it.

What are the biggest problems you are trying to fix right now?

The things that make you the maddest right now that you want to change?

There are lots of small things.

There's lots of different hugs to squash as they come up.

In terms of the broad need, the big piece i am focused on is mobile.

We have grown our mobile team by almost a factor of 10 since i arrived.

We have a great sbp at mobile leading a tremendous team working on the design and products engineering.

Mobile has been growing just tremendously.

Looking at what do users need to do and what our daily habits on the phone, there's a huge opportunity therefore yahoo.

When you look at where yahoo has always been strong -- mail, news, finance, stock quotes, games, that is what people do on their phone.

So does a great opportunity for us to take the content and functionality we've always had on the web and bring it to the phone.

Taking in and making sure it meets not only the same cases we've had on the pc but the new use cases and new use expectations are the key things i am focused on.

A random question -- you seem to like -- you are at the apple event yesterday and you seem to like the fingerprint scanner on the phone.

Why would you be in favor of anything like that that could gather more information?

It's funny.

I did not realize -- i didn't know it had gotten picked up that what i like about it -- you mock me backstage at tech crunch because i don't have a pass code on my phone.

I said i just can't do the pass code things 15 times a day.

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