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Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Michael J. Wolf, founder and managing director at Activate and Alan Patriciof, founder and managing director at Greycroft Partners, examine the progress of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer after one year heading the company and the type of CEO they would like to see take over Microsoft. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Has made her mark.

She even created a stock market rally.

When does this translate into results and profit?

Tech companies need users and second to get users, they need the best technology.

What marissa mayer has done is she has changed the whole user experience, revising it and to do that, she's had to do aqua hire, she has to buy small companies.

Tumbler was a big one.

It was one of the few supernovas on the web, over 120 5 million people going there every day.

The comparable but the when google bought youtube.

Youtube is an enormous money machine today.

I think tumbler will do the same thing for yahoo.

So you and dan loeb are not on the board anymore.

We left after dan loeb's share in the company went 11 two percent.

We agreed to re-sign after the company went there.

How do you ensure that marissa mayer is the right set to create permanent shareholder value?

She's got a great word behindwe agreed to re- her and she has been able to recruit a fantastic team.

She moved out all of the senior managers in the company and hired new people, the best and the rightist.

-- and the brightest.

I think the path is clear and now the user growth will turn into revenue.

Where is the revenue going to come from?

I have not seen the sell side report.

The company's user base had decline for years and now that their traffic is growing think the path is clear and now the user growth will turn into revenue.

Where is the revenue going to come from?

I have not seen the sell side report.

The company's user base had decline for years and now that their traffic is growing again and now that the time users are spending on the site is growing, they will not have any trouble getting advertising.

Do you buy that, alan?

Completely, i think what she has done more than anything else is changed the atmosphere and morale around yahoo.

I remember going on a visit about five or six years ago to goggle -- to google and yahoo and i could not leave the difference in the atmosphere going from those two places.

It was so shocking as to how different.

You go there today, it is a whole different atmosphere and marissa mayer, by bringing people away from a virtual existence, living in their houses, ringing them to tether and making it a community has created excitement again around yahoo.

You have a 400 foot boat out on long island called early stage?

Is yahoo a late stage stock?


I agree with michael about the acquisition of tumbler.

It was bringing the traffic and they need a hot new traffic.

Look at what instagram has done since it was bought by facebook.

You just saw the numbers the other day.

When you get excitement around the company, you attract technology, you attract users, you attract traffic and you attract advertisers.

Yahoo is a good example where you bring in an exciting ceo.

When we look at other big tech companies, they face challenges like microsoft.

What would microsoft need to do to look for the next ceo?

It needs to take a bold stroke.

The board needs to look at what is happening with microsoft's products and they need to start with who is using the products.

Up to now, their customer has largely been it managers in companies vs worrying about the person using the software.

With the release of the new phone, apple has given away its productivity suite.

The i-work is now free.

For anybody who's got the phone.

That could attract enterprise business away from microsoft and blackberry.

Absolutely, one of the big enterprise companies today is google.

Google apps are being used by a large number of companies.

What kind of ceo do you want to see replace mr.


They still have to run the enterprise division.

Are you available to take over?

I think they've got seattle vs new york is not very appealing to me.

I think microsoft has some of the challenges that yahoo did.

It has to re-create that excitement around itself.

Microsoft is such a behemoth but it is not considered cool anymore.

Maybe they need more agitation like a damn low.

We need three names right now.

That people that meet the criteria for microsoft.

One would be robbie bach . another one is going to be -- i've got to think of other people -- i don't and have anybody inside the company.

Anybody at intel?

I don't think so.

It is too stodgy.

I think somebody like eddie cue that runs the application developments and even somebody, if you'd that would be jason kylar who started hulu.

Microsoft has forgotten about the people that use their product.

Fascinating, thank you so much.

How about a foreign exchange check?

We are closing out the hour and right across the screen, the euro is weaker against the dollar and the dollar is slightly weaker against the japanese yen.

There is enthusiasm around the 2020 hosting of the olympic games.

We sought better chinese exports and industrial output.

Same thing with the sterling.

The unemployment rate in the uk kicked down to 7.5 % which is better than predicted.

I think it's fascinating in the shadow of 9/11 and the apple news.

There is levity in the market.

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