Mayer Gets An `F’ In Bonehead Media Moves: Hayzlett

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Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Hayzlett grades some of the top executives on the job they are doing at their company. He speaks to Emily Chang and Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome back to "street smart ." we are here with "c-suite" host and former kodak ceo jeffrey hayzlett.

I want to test your management expertise.


Microsoft looking for new ceo.

Right now though steve ballmer is still ceo.

You have to look at where the company is standing.

They are a big company.

They move a lot of stuff.

I gave him a d when it comes to innovation.

One of the most depressing people -- places to work.

Even though they have rejiggered how they are going to manage it now?

Doesn't matter.

When they are in a meeting, people keep their mouths shut.

I do not know if i agree with the d. marissa mayer, overall, you gave hera an a, but you gave her an f for bonehead media moves.

Just because i had to talk on air about that stupid logo she did -- you don't like that?

Why not?

I think it is a good thing that she did it.

But if i were her, i would be in the back room working 24 hours a day, making sure this place gets back up.

And last, the ceo of best buy.

You gave him a c. i like this guy.

I think he is doing the right moves.

I just think he has a lot of pocket -- baggage to overcome.

He has put on the blue shirt.

This last quarter -- i mean, wearing red.

They have gains of 20% in that industry.

They could make it happen.

Retail experience, the behavior is so bad now.

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