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July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Cristina Alesci reports on Maxim Magazine being put up for sale and expected bids of $20 Million. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Have two tribune companies that would have revenue of about $1 billion.

The separation plan will be fleshed out over the next 9-12 maastricht this is a tried and true playbook because news corp.

Split up its holdings.

They could not find a buyer for their magazine business.

People are asking if gannett is the next to employ this spinoff proposal after it purchased belo.

Thank you.

Talking about the publishing business, how much is the ultimate guy's guide worth?

It turns out not very much.

Maxxam is still one of the largest men's magazines in circulation and is selling for 1/10 of what its owners paid six years ago.

Cristina alesci has more.

They have a formula that sells so why can't they get a good price?

It challenges the conventional wisdom that all you need is have naked women to sell ads.

Let's look at the numbers.

Annual ad sales have dropped 18%. when you look at on a quarter over quarter basis, it would be 45% drop and this comes down to the lack of investment from its owners.

Private equity bought this company back in 2007 at the top of the market and gave up on it two years later and stopped making debt payments to creditors have gotten control over it and that has stifled their ability to capitalize on digital.

Magazines that are making an impact and surviving and potentially out there to stay are the ones really capitalizing on the digital audience.

If you go to the maxim website, it looks more like a blog post.

Lack of investment and perhaps a new owner could turn that around but it will take time.

Are talking about a $20 million pricetag, i would think they should just put the photos on their website and they would have a bunch of clicks.

The archive is probably worth something about who is the likely buyer for this company?

One of the companies out there we thought would be a likely buyer is american media which owns the men and women's fitness when magazines and have a partnership with playboy.

I am being told that they're probably not that interested.

We are learning that bids have come in on this company.

We could see a deal as early as next week.

Who is going to have the stomach to buy it.

You need to put some money behind this brand of you wanted to continue.

If they cannot do this or get a deal they like, what is next?

They will get a deal done.

No one doubts that.

It is still one of the largest men's magazines in circulation.

There is power in the brand.

Someone will pay something for it.

It will not be much in the way of a price tag.

Thank you.

Coming up, where up -- or america's banks able to cut their way to higher profits?

We will find out this week when bank earnings start rolling in and in sports, the rich get richer.

The nba will lead to spend more money on players next season.


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