Mattel Agrees to Buy Mega Brands for $460M

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Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Trish Regan, Julie Hyman, Jonathan Weil and Olivia Sterns wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Grub hub filing for an ipo.

They want to list themselves as g-r-u-b on the nyse.

They made $1.3 billion on food sales in one 813, or a 67% increase.

The average number of orders per day -- total orders last year were 100,000. we were some of them.

Since they bought seem less in august -- seamless in august.

We are talking about a relatively small ipo.

Revenues of $137 million last year.

It is not a huge one, but it is an interesting one.

If the lightspeed vice president we spoke to earlier was right, a lot of the tech firms try to strike when the iron is hot and when valuations are high.

We were talking to a venture capitalist earlier from lightspeed.

We asked him about the whatsapp valuation being pretty insane.

We are near a bubble in tech stocks.

Online food delivery, kind of a tech stock.

Not like anyone else can get into the business, come up with a website that would help you get food.

In 2000 you had investors, perfectly sane investors selling good companies to buy really horrible companies at maximum valuations.

The gallon the nasdaq going straight up.

It is not quite there, but it is reminiscent in some ways.

There are pockets of bubbles.

The very big pockets of bubbles.

The most common expression you hear about whatsapp is, i don't understand this.

I don't know anyone aside from mark zuckerberg who purports to understand it.

I don't understand it, either.

Basically they have that sort of already, right?

The facebook messenger?

I am not an expert, but it seems like technology that could easily leapfrog over.

I am putting myself in the shoes of the people at whatsapp.

They have to be thinking, your stock is incredibly overvalued.

So i won five times more of that.

As long as i am selling, i am happy.

Something not overvalued these days, metropolitan opera tickets.

They are proposing cutting compensation for union workers, which would be a first for the opera.

Attempting to rebuild its endowment, which has been struggling.

The move comes after the opera's board said donors were not willing to cover costs of declining ticket sales.

I love going to the opera because i feel so darn young.

[laughter] i am the only person here under 80. i love it.

They are not only discussing a cut in pay for union workers, but are talking about limiting show production.

They come out with seven shows a year.

Not just any show, like a broadway show.

We are talking about a super production.

In "aidsa" there are actual horses onstage.

It costs a lot of money.

You are spending more on the horses and so flowers and sets than on the pay.

Just reading up on this.

This looks like it is standard union battle.

That you have -- do you need unions in the arts?

They have one, so i guess they need one.

If you are the conductor -- the average chorus member, the pay is $200,000. not bad.

And you only have to work at night.

It is not huge pay every single show.

Hold that thought, as long as i love talking about opera.

We have breaking news and

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