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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) – Matomy Media Group CEO Offer Druker discusses the future of digital advertising and how to raise profits with social media and mobile activity. He speaks with Guy Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse." (Source: Bloomberg)

Stock has performed?

Was it the right decision?

Tell us where you started, really.

Okay, as i said before, we went to london and we are happy with the results and we think it is too early.

Yesterday, we showed the first results.

We are showing very good revenue and profit growth.

We grew our top line by 20%. our profitability grew by 61%. of course, we are expecting more from the markets.

Can i get used to those type of numbers from you guys?

Is that when it -- what investors should be expecting from here on in?

Right now, we are not giving forecasts ahead, but we are sticking to our plan which we set at the beginning of the year.

The growth graham -- came from the growth drivers we indicated.

We said it would come from social and mobile.

We have grown our display and video activity by 18%. we grew social activity and we grew mobile activity.

It is a good indication that we are growing in the places we said we would grow.

Really promising.

That is what the business looks like right now.

How much bigger is this business going to be?

You have done a little bit of m&a. is there any more to be done?

This industry looks like it is going to see a lot more consolidation.

Where are you going to fit in?

The ipo is in order to raise capital and liquidity, not to consolidate.

This is a market that is ripe for consolidation.

We conducted for acquisitions in the last year.

-- four acquisitions in the last year.

It is really an achievement for us.

We believe in what we're doing in our performance activity.

The reason we raise to the money is for acquisitions and that is what we are planning to do.

Are you talking to anybody right now?

[laughter] i can't share with you right now about our plans.

We will make the acquisitions public.

You said it was ripe for consolidation.

How quickly is this going to happen?


so we are working very hard and it is a very organized pipeline of companies.

I trust we will be able to do it in the near future.


we will leave that one alone for the time being.

Expanding the footprint in europe.

A lot of big social media companies are getting more aggressive in trying to do more.

How do you fit in with them and what their plans are and how aggressive they are planning to be in a lot of new markets?

So, we believe -- we are a global company, we are based in israel, but we have presence in europe, u.s., and latin america -- and of course in israel.

We are planning to expand our presence to the u.k. and france in the near future and also to go more to russian market and to the asian market because there is a lot of opportunity for companies like ours in these markets.

Activity is based on performance.

There is still a lot of room to grow.

We can take part of the growth.


we will leave it on that note.

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