Travel Forecast: Massive Storm Is Mess for Millions

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Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Meteorologist Bonnie Schneider explains the path of the winter storm impacting the eastern seaboard that’s making a mess of travel for millions this Thanksgiving. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

The storm, is it a coalescent real storm were a big long front that gets in the way?

Accommodation above, tom.

We have pressure over us in new york, and it is picking up some deep moisture.

There is a lot of moisture coming up in the gulf, almost unusually so.

Plus we have the cold air from the northwest, that is why it is impacting states from florida to the canadian border.

I was on twitter last night, and everybody was screaming about is that they nor oser -- a nor'easter, and folks like you are like no.

It is a nor'easter when it moves off the coast.

The main thing to notice is this is a massive winter storm that will impact tens of millions of people that are traveling today.

Where will travel be most difficult?

New york area, baltimore, philadelphia.

We are seeing icy conditions in north carolina, western virginia, and heavy snow in northwest pennsylvania and upstate new york.

Could see a foot of snow.

Indiana, you can see these snow now near notre dame.

Do we get snow in new york, do we get snow in boston?

What we will get in new york is possibly snow flurries as we go to the evening hours.

We're so close to the water hear it, and that influences whether we see rain or snow.

This will be more of a rain event for coastal cities in the northeast.

Can you put the storm into contact with other winter storms that we have seen throughout the years?

Is there any change in a way that the storm is behaving?

Maybe put into a larger context about climate change.

I do not think there's to much of a difference in the way the storm is behaving.

It is almost a classic storm.

It could've been a lot worse if the air was colder.

We could have seen this is more of a snow event for travelers and more of a nice event, which is very difficult to travel and ice.

Overall, it is the timing.

It is happening be day before things giving that is making it significant.

-- before thanksgiving that is making it significant.

What is going to happen with the thanksgiving day parade?

Loaded question third wife i do not want to be the bearer of bad news but it does not look good because we have very strong wind gusts.

There are parameters on how the giants character blows, how much they can fly.

If those gusts do exceed a certain number, we were not likely to see that.

It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow.

Yes, bright skies, but the problem is the wind, not the writer bonnie schneider.

-- not the rain.

Bonnie schneider, thank you so much.

Our twitter question --how has the storm impacted your travel plans?

Tweet us @bsurveillance.

We want to hear from you on what this storm does to your travel plans.

Coming up on "bloomberg surveillance," do you ever watch football on things giving -- on thanksgiving?

We take a look at the business next.

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