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Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Disney agreed to create four television series for Netflix using Marvel characters such as Daredevil, adding to the online-streaming service’s growing lineup of original content. Jon Erlichman reports on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

With bob eiger later today, but i want to hear about what is going on.

Today, netflix and disney announced a deal that will see some marvel characters coming to netflix exclusively in the form of television shows.

There were signs of a deal like this coming.

Bob eiger, the ceo of disney, will be speaking to us live on bloomberg television later today.

He had some interest on getting some disney characters, whether through marvel or anywhere else, in the original form through to new platforms.

And netflix has been hungry to get exclusive original programming.

It hourly has a similar deal set up with dreamworks animation.

We spoke exclusively with the head of content at netflix.

I talked to him about the relationship with its me -- with disney and whether they could go down the same path.

Here's what he had to say.

I think what is exciting about a company like disney and us is the willingness to try something new.

The disney pay deal, it is monumental to have such a established brands to do something so out-of-the-box as to move off of cable and onto a new platform.

With this new deal, deirdre, they will have several shoulders -- shows followed by a miniseries of sorts.

Not unlike what we have seen in many of the movies where many of the marvel characters get together as the avengers gang.

Marvel characters are obviously a big hit around the world.

We know spiderman was a big deal, iron man.

How big a role did that play in this partnership?

Obviously, there is huge amount of value that disney sees in getting these marvel characters out in front of people.

The latest sore movie is in theaters right now -- thor movie is in theaters right now.

It is part of the strategy that disney has, to take some of the key characters from the marvel franchise, make sure they have these rolling out in very large buzzards -- budgets, but with specifically targeted films that can obviously be successful at the box office.

And we are waiting for the first star wars film to come out under disney's ownership.

It is a similar strategy in that way as well very quickly, posting after the close, what do you expect?

The revenue the company will generate, estimates 11.5 billion in revenue, the biggest chunk comes from the media networks business.

Espn is a really big part of that.

Some analysts estimate the advertising revenue tied to espn will increase.

And of course, bob eiger will be joining us here live from the disney headquarters during

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