Martha Stewart: Domestic Queen and Scrap Metal King

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Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek’s Felix Gillette profiles Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia CEO Daniel Dients on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

He is not who martha stewart would be expected to hire.

I thought who is this guy?

He does not have a backhanded meteor merchandise.

These are the things that martha stewart does.

He has been in the scrap metal business.

Before that, -- is about a family run business?


He took over a company that was taken out of bankruptcy.

He is been in that for the last decade.

There is not necessarily a negative here.

If you look at this company, in a certain an annual profit once.

He will be the sixth ceo in the last decade.

Nobody has been able to change the culture during that time.

Everybody sees the same thing.

This is a company that acts as if it is still the 90's. david spent endless amount of money on media -- you can spend endless amounts of media -- money on media.

You can make the broadcast product and make the magazine.

Media executives could not get this done.

A summit with a different background can.

Is he the guy who can tell martha stewart not to take so many flights across the country?

He has a tough guy from his background.

He has a social relationship with her going back a number of years.

His wife runs a gallery downtown.

They have gone on vacations with her to montana.

There could be a bad thing or a good thing.

She may trust him.

Is that what was lacking before?

The trust?

It sounds like the redskins with head coaches.

What is going on here?

Is there a theme to why these other ceos did not work out?

Have the founder whose name is on everything that they make.

She had a hard time giving up control.

That is not surprising.

The optimistic spin is she is comfortable with him.

She will be able to say do it needs to be done in terms of getting our costs down.

I will give you the leeway to do that.

I likely -- like the way you described it.

Their branded merchandise did very well.

There is a big legal battle over it.

That is been going strong.

The merchandise site is doing great.

If you get the media side to break even, you would have a profitable company.

That is all it takes.

At some point, if you spend too much on media, that affects the merchandise.

Her brand awareness is incredible.

Everybody knows who she is.

Even if they do not like her, they think highly of the product.

They are losing so much money.

Part of it is just if you look at martha, they cover all of her life expect -- expenses and private jets.

Once upon a time, the margins were where they could cover that.

That has come down.

They've taken some criticism in terms of their corporate governance.

Why hasn't some he stepped in to do something about that?

Her sister is on the payroll.

Her daughter is on the payroll.

Her sister-in-law is on the payroll.

There is his inner circle of friends who are resistant to the changes that have been tried to enact in the past.

This company this company is molded in the image of martha stewart.

What happens when she takes a less active role?

They try to diversify.

They bought amaral a guy sees -- they boughteme a celebrity chefs empire.

That is a great story in

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