Marlo Thomas: Never Too Late to Reinvent Yourself

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April 29 (Bloomberg) -- Actress, producer and activist Marlo Thomas discusses her new book, "It Ain't Over...Till It's Over: Reinventing Your Life--and Realizing Your Dreams--Anytime, at Any Age" and her work with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. She speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Thank you for being here.

Let's talk about why you decided to put these stories into a book.

I think if you read them it wants over a couple of days, you see a map.

You can see this is how i do it.

This is how this woman, and i'll take a little from this woman, and maybe i can reinvent my life.

It means taking a risk.

It does.

It takes that to start over.

Maybe you have a comfortable job.

You don't like the job.

You hate your boss.

You are not going anywhere.

But it does take some guts to say i'm going to go now and do what i really want to do, and make my dream come true.

There is a lot of steps to that.

Some borrowed on their retirement.

Some women were judged their house or gave up their apartment and slept on friends' couches.

Whatever it takes to make the idea that you have that you're passionate about, that you believe in, to make it come true.

One of the things you are passionate about is saint jude, the charity that was to let -- founded by your father.

Give insight into what that has done to open up this world to you.

Saint jude is a place where children come with cancer and other diseases all over the country and the world.

Nobody ever pays.

We pay for everything.

$850 million a year.

A lot of parents come there where they have been given death center -- death sentences for their children.

They are working on what they know.

We are a research center.

It is very exciting what they do.

Every child has a scientist and a doctor on their case.

We are working with the genomes of 700 children.

Some research institutes my have 10. we have 700 children.

We are learning where the marker is.

What makes a good blood cell become a leukemia cell?

What makes a healthy brain cell become a tumor cell?

You can learn that from seeing that many children, and seeing where the gene is.

Where you have the gene, we can create the drugs.

As part of your experience raising money for st.

Jude's, you have to learn about these women whose stories are contained in this book.

I wonder if you can describe a couple of them and give us a flavor of what they managed to accomplish.

A lot of them, all kinds of things happen that force you to make a change.

Maybe you got laid off.

Maybe your husband died and you have not worked before.

Your children grow up.

You have a dream of raising a family, but the minute your daughter or son has a drivers license, you are toast.

You have to figure out what your next dream is.

What these women prove is that you can start over at any age.

One woman's husband died.

She was raising three children.

She didn't have any idea how to make a living.

She used to make jewelry for her friends.

Her friend said, sell the jewelry you make.

So she made her jewelry.

She took it to local stores.

She sold online.

The great thing about online is you don't have to pay rent on a store.

She made enough money to take care of her children.

She is doing something that she loves.

All of these women, all of them did something that got them out of the whole -- hole they were in.

One of the women got out of an abuse of women.

One of the women and her sister had breast cancer.

They both had their mastectomies and then they created a bra that was more enhancing and made them feel better about being women.

They came from so many different places.

One woman started a dance studio she always wanted to have.

She really wanted to go for it.

I think what's important is this generation of women and men are no longer looking back and saying, 40 years have gone by, they are looking forward and saying i have 40 more years left.

I can get the dream that i want.

That is very exciting.

To look at life that way.

As part of the effort to put together these stories, you have also net -- you have put together a sense of their spirit in the book.

What have you taken away?

You have to have passion.

It is never too late.

I start the book with a saying that ruth gordon once said.

Never face the facts.

You will never get out of bed in the morning.

That is true.

There are so many statistics that tell us why -- small steps.


One of the things i did learn, it takes small steps to get there.

If you start today, and it is

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