Markets React to BHP Billiton Earnings, Spinoff

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Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jessie Riseborough reports on BHP Billiton earnings. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

To create an independent global metal and mining company.

Is a plan.

Here is more.

The market reaction is react -- is interesting.

The stocks are further down.

That is largely due to the fact that the capital return has not done that.

A lot of investors are very upset about that.

We are disappointed about the buyback back to the analyst reaction to the news of the spinoff.

It is a bit early for that and we only have just gotten the details.

There is a strong narrative over the last 18 months and the investors want capital back.

They ignored that today and they think that they can create a bit of value.

They are not performing so well.

You have manganese, nickel, and silver.

You have this and they have put out low-quality assets in this.

What is the rationale?

They believe that the market has been valuing this.

They put a new management team in place for this new company.

The ceo is very experienced and they are going to vote on it.

There may be some concern.

It will not be listed here.

Is his hangover from the 600 or so billion dollars worth of takeovers that took place over a decade.

These companies are starting to streamline and really focus on the quality assets that they have.



Let's get on to another company that posted earnings today.

Crh posted first-half sales and they were in line with estimates.

The company says that economic indicators continue to be positive and we spoke to the chief executive in an exclusive interview.

The largest building material in the united states is important to concentrate and maximize opportunities.

We have seen the momentum continue through the season and it is a broad spectrum in the u.s.. it is good to see.

They say they expect

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