Markets Hit Calmest Period in 12 Years

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Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Nikolaj Gammeltoft discusses the markets on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Looking at?

I know it is that historically low levels.

We looked at 29 assets and be applied volatility, i.e. the expectations for pricing, and that's average was a 12-year lows.

It is amazing the low volatility we are in right now.

What is the risk associated with that?

You talk to people concerned not only about low volatility now, but expect tatian that volatility will remain low -- expectation that volatility will remain low.


Markets are driven by fed policy, central-bank policies and europe and japan.

Hence, i think it can come to adventurous him on what to buy.

We could see an uptick on volatility, certainly.

What are things that investors are looking for that could push it up again?

Definitely we have political deadlines coming up in the u.s.. we have unknown knowns in the world.

We have europe.

And of course there is the fed as well.

And the tapering, which is the main thing.

And exactly how that would be executed.

Ok, thank you so much nikolaj.

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