Stock Selloff Is Time to Buy on Weakness: Levkovich

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April 8 (Bloomberg) -- Tobias Levkovich, chief U.S. Equity Strategist at Citigroup, talks with Tom Keene about his market outlook in light of the tech selloff and examines elections in Quebec on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Fascinating between biotechs and all of these other things and i see a list into retirement accounts.

What is going on?

This has been a eye for cato market.

I am not sure children have to leave the room.

Not that frightening.

People have been focused on biotech.

Actually consumer discretionary has been an area where you have the worst performance in the martha.

Some of those names particularly that have been hit very hard.

A lot of investors made a mistake.

They were looking at a move from small cap to large cap, growth of value of move toward quality but it really has been a momentum break it one more question here and moving to an important matter -- are you advising our viewers that they should add to blue-chip positions this morning?

We said all year you should be going on weakness.

We still think the market will struggle in the few months.

Sentiment metrics are too strong.

Over the course of the year, though, i think you will see 1975 under s&p. what we do is we rip up the script when it is important.

Tobias levkovich with us this morning.

Where did you grow up?

Montreal, canada.

Erik schatzker with us.

Where did you grow up?


And they are on speaking terms.

But seriously, important news out of quebec overnight.

Quebec elections.

Tobias, let me start with you.

Where -- why the liberal victory over the french speaking party, why is it important?

Keep in mind, the liberal leader is french-speaking as well.

This is a particularly french-speaking part of canada.

It takes the idea of sovereignty referendums off the table.

They -- he was trying to walk that comments he made earlier about this.

But a create economic stability.

How does the rest of canada view quebec, this troubled peace -- breathing a sigh of relief.

A former executive of quebec -- raised the specter of separatism when he announced his candidacy but, tom, you will love this.

The liberals have a majority government in quebec, a let it with 41% of the vote and one of the liberal representatives, the former chief economist of the bank of canada, and the former executive who worked for the bank of canada's montreal office.

Ok, fabulous bid to buy is,

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