Market `Likes' Facebook after Earnings

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg is On The Markets. Dominic Chu and Olivia Sterns take a look at Facebook earnings and how other stocks finished the day on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

We are coming up at 56 minutes past the our breed we're on the markets.

Here is how we finished the day on wall street.

You can take a look at the next picture.

Marginal gains and losses across the board.

Take a look at these indices.

Some of the names are reporting after the closing bell, expedia down the most in the market.

The company reported shares of 64 since they share.

Coming after the bell, amazon reporting operating losses of two cents per share.

Starbucks reporting earnings that topped estimates.

The company boosted fourth- quarter estimates.

Finally, it is all fun and games , except for zynga.

They made a two cent per share loss on the company revenue of $200 million.

One name that people are buzzing about today is facebook.

They saw close to 30% at one point.

Here is olivia sterns.

Facebook, i was pretty blown away by what an upside stock reaction was.

And what a payday it was for mark zuckerberg.

Three point $8 billion -- $3.8 billion.

That is according to the billionaire index.

We can't let that on a daily base.

They're hitting about $34. they are close to the ipo price.

On the back of these results, 10 analysts have come out and raise their price targets on the stocks.

Goldman sachs raised their target to $46. we saw more than four times the usual buying.

It is amazing.

This is the fundamental story of facebook.

What you're seeing is a screenshot of what it looks like online.

It is not about the personal computer experience.

It is about mobile, tablet, smartphones.

That is where the skeptics were.

Could they monetize on a mobile space?

They promised to make facebook a mobile company.

Analysts say these results prove he has been able to do that.

They've a couple of new ideas in the pipeline.

They are letting marketers show their ads on their feet.

The air is ready on apps.

-- they are concentrating on apps.

One analyst put it that there is demand for marketers to spend money on facebook.

Introduce the right set of products to facilitate it.

I do not use facebook that much.

I just don't have as much time as some of the younger folks out there.

The experience on mobile has been much more, in terms of the way i use it, then a traditional pc.

I cannot river the last time i logged on -- i cannot remember the last time i log on with my laptop.

It is set to overtake sales for face top -- facebook on desktop.

819 million users.

The facebook story is all about mobile.

Thank you for that.

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