Fed Is Wrong Everytime on Growth Forecasts: Kumar

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- Sri Kumar, founder and president at Sri-Kumar Global Strategies, examines comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen on interest rates and modest growth for the United States, why he believes the Fed will be better off ending quantitative easing sooner than later and how current conditions mirror risks prior to the financial crisis. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

She essentially said the punch bowl is there and she sadly not going to take it out.

I don't think they're going to raise interest rates at the end of 2015. the fed has been wrong every time on its growth forecast.

I think the rate increases will be postponed.

Bring it up on his number last evening.

Why are we allowing supposedly "emergency measures introduced in 2008 to go to their seventh year?

I thought this was a substantial note on what arafat has gone wrong.

What is the remedy right now that you see janet yellen has to do?

You have to stop quantitative easing.

You have to have a symbolic increase in interest rates.

Federal funds goes up one quarter, one half a percent.

It will cost -- cause bond yields to rise.

Do it now or be prepared to take much longer medicine later.

Given the fact we have unemployment at 6.3%, we have inflation moving up close to 2.1% i'm a why is she still keeping the punch bowl here?

She's keeping the punch bowl because she is worried about the long-term unemployed.

She realizes the 6.3% and implement rate is largely because of the following participation rate.

She knows there's a lot of pain and i think that is why the change comes and that is where i think the fed is wrong in terms of its benevolence to the markets.

Is this able market you can believe in or house of cards developed by not just yellen but governor carney and the other central banks?

Right question.

This reminds me of the first half of 2008. oil prices very high and rising.

Growth aspect said to be doing very well and everybody feeling complacent about the overall outlook.

You see be raised -- ecb raised rates.

We have lots of characteristics which are similar.

We need to bring in our twitter question of the day -- am not involved in this twitter question.

This is brilliant.

The key word is "bubbles" plural . a set of distortions.

Stocks, bonds, housing, take your pick.

Brian white with us as well with the chertoff group.

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