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Nov. 4 (Bloomberg) –- Heidrick & Struggles Interim CEO Jory Marino discusses the global economy and the hunt for executive talent with Angie Lau on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

In this part of the world.

He is from chicago.

How is the economy was mark is it a bit warmer?

The global economy is starting to solidify.

We are getting firm ground in certain regions.

What we are seeing in our european business which has several years of soft earnings and so forth, reported earnings on the 29th of october.

Europe had the best quarter of 12% growth in five quarters.

It was very good to see that.

Asia, the point, a good market for us.

We have been dominant in this market for many years.

We are up 7% which is terrific.

Not only search but also in terms of our revenue for the year.

As an aggregate of a we are doing a great.

Total growth has been up one percent in the first nine months.

That is what we are seeing in terms of sentiment for the global economy.

These cyclical -- are you cyclical?

Are we going to see the same kind of cyclical?

First of all, given the work that we do 50% of our firm is focused on boards and ceos.

That is pretty much a constant business.

The next one or two levels down is an important sector of the work we do.

Our nonexecutive is 40%. our ceo work if you look at the known ceo searches that have gone into the marketplace, the fortune 1000 we have captured 45%. that is certainly strong.

The rest of it is cyclical.

Our revenue comes in cycles.

Let's talk about trends.

It is a critical program for diversity on boards.

If you reach a threshold of rd percent of italy's women on boards you are going to see the pipe line -- rd percent of women on the boards you are going to see the pipe line, how easy is it to have?

Diversity is on the minds of every leader in every company in which we do business across the globe.

The reality is it is a slow go.

We have been involved and we have gotten pretty aggressive programs around diversity and actively involved with corporate directors and eoc.

The u.s. organization focused on diversity and people's color.

There is a push for sure.

You are not going to see what happened in norway that is mandated by the government.

Is it hard?

Nobody wants to mandate to adopt you want to see metrics.

-- mandate.

-- you want to see metrics.

And not some other level of discrimination.

There's a lot of talent among women.

Harder to get them up to the c- level.

We came back from a fortune 500 most powerful women conference a couple of weeks ago where we are pretty active.

500 pretty powerful women.

You are seeing a much more a women coming into the work place.

Not as a percentage.

A lot of work to be done.

You look at hong kong and you are coming from chicago.

This a financial hub of asia.

A lot of changes in this financial industry as well.


What of that?

Financial industry, a lot of growth.

You look at what happened in 2008. i described as the atomic bomb in the financial markets.

It it took years to recover.

Our financial -- that a business is up three percent year-over- year.

We are starting to see growth in that market.

If you want a job in asia am aware should you go?

Several places.

A big employment market.


Hong kong is a big a market -- big employment marketplace.

Are they looking for foreign talent or domestically grown talent who may be a study abroad and came home?

It depends on which of the three countries that you are talking about.

China looks for executive talent that is coming from around the globe.

Not only for multinational businesses that want to do business but local companies that build up their executive talent.

You will see much more of a view around the global talent.

In hong kong, you have a wonderful employment base that is really diverse culture and a country.

You can be in market and do quite well.

Thank you so much for joining us.

Happy 60th anniversary.

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