Mark Zuckerberg: WhatsApp Is Worth More Than $19B

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses the acquisition of WhatsApp at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. (Source: Bloomberg)

Discussed in the media.

A connect to the world sort of tool.

There are two pieces to think about.

The first is, it is a company by itself and what it will be worth.

Then there is strategic value and what we could do together.

I think by itself, it is worth more than $19 billion.

It is hard to exactly make the case today because they have so little revenue compared to that number, but the reality is there are few services that reach one billion people in the world and they are all incredibly valuable, much more valuable than that.

I could be wrong.

There is some chance this is the one service that gets to one billion people and ends up not being all that valuable.

I do not think i am.

You can look at other messaging apps out there that are already monetizing at a level of two or three dollars a person in early efforts.

It shows we can do a pretty good job of helping whatsapp to grow, this could be a huge business.

Incidentally, it is a good bet.

The question is, why were we excited students together?

I was excited because of the vision to help connect everyone in the world.

Clearly, we can do a lot for working together on that.

The other pieces by being a part of facebook, it makes it so they can focus for the next five years or so purely on connecting more people.

If they did this as an independent company, they will have to focus more on -- on billing out the model.

They will of course do that.

Their subscription model is very promising.

But i think is the bigger opportunity is rather than focusing on that, for them to go out and connect 3 billion more people in the next however long that will take.

If we could do that, we will be well on our way to both realizing the vision of trying to connect everyone and on our

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