Mark Zuckerberg Talks Immigration and Visas

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Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Megan Hughes reports on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's trip to Washington to discuss immigration issues. She speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."(Source: Bloomberg)

What is the message here?

It is all about copperheads of immigration reform.

It is clear that in his only public appearance yesterday, an interview with "the atlantic," that is why he made his visit.

It is his first visit to the capital in three years.

He says it is a few -- a huge issue for the country and his industry.

This isn't a matter of trying to hire people instead of americans.

We will hire all of them.

The issues that there aren't enough talented people who can bring into the country, and that is a real issue that people feel.

That is his focus in the lobbying lawmakers.

He did have some meetings yesterday but he has a long list today, starting with senate majority leader harry reid.

We know that he met with senator chuck schumer of new york yesterday.

Immigration was front and center in that meeting.

Schum er thank him for his work in pushing the senate to pass something could they both expressed optimism about the house.

Zuckerberg was asked at the "atlantic" event, who is you most excited to me, and he said house members.

Really -- clearly a recognition that that is where the work is to do.

Other topics are going to be coming up these meetings, including nsa surveillance, privacy.

He will be meeting with commerce chairman jay rockefeller, who takes a leading role on those issues.

Let's talk about that surveillance program, because zuckerberg really came down hard on the government for that.

How is that going to play in washington?

Last week she now famously said that the government blew it.

In the interview yesterday he was a lot softer about what he said.

He said he really didn't know the entirety of the program, but as far as facebook is concerned, he said that sometimes the government does make requests that he sees as overly broad, and he said "we push back." but that is as far as he would go to israel issue is transparency in the government.

Facebook is assuming the government on that issue.

Apple's new operating system ios 7 became available for download yesterday.

Did you download it?

The iphone 5 s goes on sale tomorrow.

The company is the cover story of this week's "bloomberg businessweek." julie hyman joins us with more on that.

I want to mention that in addition to the new iphones coming out tomorrow, in addition to ios 7 coming out, today is the one-year anniversary of apple's all-time high.

Not happy anniversary for the company.

The stock is down more than 30%

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