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Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Stanford Law School's Vivek Wadhwa discusses Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg jumping into the immigration debate. He speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

What do you think about his interest in this issue?

I think it is about time he started branching out from his selfish needs and started doing good for the world.

This is part of growing up.

Enough to start giving back to the community.

What he is doing is great.

He is focusing on the needs of these undocumented children who have done nothing wrong.

This is a sign of maturity and growing up.

It is interesting that one of the unpublished things about him is that he is one of the venture capitalists involved with the company told us that he actually volunteered quietly to teach at the east palo alto solidus are to probably came into contact with some of these kids.

That's maybe what woke him up.

Why are they being left out question mark wire we discriminating against them?

Is is what i canceled all my appointments.

It is a good thing that they are doing.

I have not been studying enough about the dream act and what is going on.

This will be eye-opening for all of us.

What are some of the codewords as we start to see the text of what he has to say?

I suspect what he will say it will be very acceptable, but no luck, whatever.

I wonder if there are certain words that might come out, such as, comprehensive immigration reform versus specific immigration reform.

The battle lines right now are about all or nothing.

The democrats are insisting we lump everything together unless we get legislation passed they will not agree to it erie it i will be curious if he says, let's just do the dream act for now.

I don't know which way he will lean on that but it will be interesting to see.

That is what i will be listening for.

I am not convinced this whole mess that we have will pass the way it is.

There are too many obstacles the way it stands.

An argument is that copperheads of immigration reform refers to these children or migrant farmworkers or so on that maybe do not have the representation that people like you who would've been arguing for specific immigration reform that helps businesses in silicon valley but might not do anything for children and undocumented migratory herds and so on.


We could approve the dream act right now.

The republicans would approve it in a heartbeat because it would give them some relief.

The democrats would because it is the right thing to do.

Why are we holding these kids hostage question mark -- hostage?

I do not know which way it will go or how much he has grown up.

Blessing the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Silicon valley is all about big and hairy ideas and taking on big problems.

Is there a suggestion that facebook approaches things with incremental as a nation in mind?

When this -- when they started taking these ads out for extreme politicians, it was horrible the way they were now defending the tea party politicians because they were trying to bribe them and buy them out.

Elon musk basically recused himself.

I even wrote about it in the washington post where he ripped her heads off for selling their souls.

Zuckerberg was just being arrogant in getting that passed and doing things the way he was.

My sense is that they have grown up erie it it seems like a are getting it right now.

The fact they are doing this screening, they are trying to reach out.

We shall see.

Thank you very much.

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