Mark Pincus Is Brilliant and Driven: Doerr

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Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers General Partner John Doerr discusses joining Zynga at TechCrunch' Disrupt San Francisco 2013 event. (Source: Bloomberg)

Board of zynga, and i am very impressed with don matter, it is a public company, so i cannot say -- if they the right guy to counter mark pincus?

Well, mark recruited him.

Mark is as brilliant, driven, creative entrepreneur.

What i'm telling you is in the public record.

When don joined microsoft , the xbox was losing a lot of money.

Like, more than $1 billion.

In three years, they turned that around so that it is making more than $1 billion -- how many board meetings have you been in with the three of them?

A few.

Three board meetings and a half- dozen other meetings.

How many times has mark yelled at him?

I have never seen mark yelled.

He is keeping his cool and realizing you is not the ceo anymore?

He loves working with don matchtrick.

And we need both of them.

Quite so you think you are bullish on zynga.

Quite yet, i think i can say that here at what we have got to do is get zynga's stock price to where god intended it to be.

I love when you say stuff like that.

What is the stock right that god intends the net to be at?

Well, if you have got a floor, i would like to see it.

Tell me about up there.

What is it.

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