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Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on former NHL pro Mar Messier's return to the game as an executive. (Source: Bloomberg)

Start a major league soccer team in miami.

This was written into his contract when he arrived in 2007 to the mls.

Miami excites me because it is a city that is very excitable.

I have been there and seen the dolphins play.

The people in the city love their sports.

Yes, they do.

He is not the only former player returning to their sport.

Mark messier has returned to the ice as an executive.

The hockey hall of famer is bringing hockey to the bronx at the eye center.

He told us about it.

The metropolitan area is underserved and i sports.

We are setting out to fix them.

We set out to fix the problem in ice hockey, but little did we know how demand there've -- how much demand there would be for all i sports.

We're coming into the bronx to create jobs and community for kids.

It is very exciting.

It will be the biggest ice complex in the world.

I think this is something that the bronx and the people that come in here will be very proud of.

More importantly, it is an opportunity for the community to get kids involved.

We know we will not get every kid in the bronx to play ice hockey.

It is another alternative another choice.

It will create jobs and afterschool programs and mentor ships.

Fordham university and the high schools around their will be partners.

It is an exciting partner rship that runs very deep.

The community is very excited about it.

Great stuff.

We asked the hockey legend if he knew the hockey would change his life from an early age.

I grew up in canada, so i knew a hockey meant to me as a young canadian boy.

What i realized was that there was impact on this area.

We impacted not only hockey fans, but the story was bigger than hockey.

Kids cannot play because of financial issues or lack of facilities.

Are there other trophies that you wish that you had?

You are building a national ice center, but are there other things you wish you had russian ? i missed playing the olympics.

I was never selected for analytic team.

That would've been very special to represent the country.

I played in the canada cup.

It was not under the olympic umbrella.

It was made for hockey.

All of the best teams -- those were amazing memories.

It was a chance to play for country.

He is the only country -- the only player to play for both countries.

In honor of halloween, we will take you into a special place in hollywood that creates monsters.

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