Marissa Mayer Said to Fire Yahoo's COO

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Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Agenda," Tom Keene, Scarlet Fu and Michael McKee look at trending news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Between the imagery and pr of one america versus the president's challenge on inequality, worrying about constituency against the backdrop of optimism.

Heading into the jobs report with optimism, s&p futures on a climb north since we "surveillance." adp report, goldman sachs, abrupt changes in outlook.

People say that puts us with asymmetrical risk, there can only be downside.

Erik, can we say a symmetrical?

It is friday.


Twitter question of the date was where in the u.s. are you seeing jobs created?

"a tech surge in new york city, brooklyn's hipster neighborhoods." "energy" three exclamation points.

"a couple openings at the new jersey governor's office." hashtag "snark." we wanted to crowd source intelligence.

The theme has been the dakotas.

North dakota was immune to the recession.

In terms of your agenda, what are you looking at?

In "the new york times," look at it.

It is important for the banking industry.

"the new york times" had access to a report to one of wall street's firms suggesting wall street may have to pay $50 billion -- put that number into context.

To pay federal mortgage claims, about half of what the banks make in a year.

The feds are not concerned about adding the banks out of business, you still have the other half of your profits, it would reduce profitability and disappoint investors.

Bank of america -- j.p. morgan paid $13 million.

Bank of america and may have to pay as much as 17 really dollars -- $17 billion.

Twitter falling on valuation concerns.

Shares a little higher in the premarket, still well above $26 ipo price.

Questions about the crowded advertising market.

Our guest host, jeff corbin, twitter is a company that does not make any money.

The excitement has gotten ahead of itself.

Investors are paying the price.

What will you look at to gauge twitter's success?

Exactly what we look for when facebook went public, the same momentum building.

Twitter did a much better job of handling their ipo.

Looking for what are -- how are they going to grow this company and generate revenue?

Take a of advertising, a lot of companies --

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