Three Stocks to Buy for 2014: Mario Gabelli

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Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Mario Gabelli, chairman at Gabelli Investors, offers his top stock picks for 2014 on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Morning stocking stuffer.

How about a few of mario's best picks of 2014? weatherford?

And oil services company.

If you look at the chart, it is nearing long-term support.

A great point.

I like to look at figures.

But my no more numbers oriented.

Charts -- i do care about everything.

Weatherford is a benefit of horizontal drilling and fracking, which is a technology that is helping the u.s. with their current account deficit, political independence, and really helping the american consumer and creating jobs.

And oil services company.

They make artificial lists, so when you go horizontal and two lateral view need something to take the gases out.

Jeff immelt from ge bought a company in artificial lift, went public.

The company has about $18 billion in revenues, $13 billion of good quality, 12 billion shares out.

They were going to slow.

All sorts of challenges with taxes, foreign corrupt practices act.

And shareholders will be getting tired of this management moving slowly.

Seeking a management change, perhaps.

A lot can change.

The glacial speed of reducing debt.

Within the framework of valuations, you can, with a number twice the current price of the stock between 12-18 months if they do something in a quick and orderly fashion.

What happens if oil goes to $90? if natural gas was free for everybody, like they are doing in the ukraine with russia buying votes --i don't think it is a possibility because you look up a strict three years from now and you can sell the futures and lock in some of your spreads.

Oil at $90 -- clearly, i am all in favor of it going to 70 -- quickly, peter, i want to bring you in.

This is a multiplier effect a policy where we focus on big oil or whatever, but weatherford is a knock on effect of this expansion.

The big change over the last 12 to 184 months in the various shale plays is a shift toward oil production.

The marginal cost of oil production coming out of north america was $60 or so a couple of years ago.

It is on track to go to $30. a remarkable revolution.

If you then layer on the constitutional change in mexico, our energy analyst, who is very sharp -- definitely a very sharp guy, and he believes we will see a non-trivial reduction in price.

You have another gabelli selection.


Behind "anchorman 2" franchise -- you are very ron burgundy-esq ue this money.

The problem is all of this is reflected in the stock price.

It is trading near record highs.

How much higher can ago?

I think the stock will double the next few years.

I am delighted everyone does not like it so i can buy it cheaper.

The company, like a lot of companies we like -- 722 million shares when they split up cbs, down at 440 and will be at 300. we think a $160 stock.

Isn't media in a bubble right now?

Stay focused on viacom, ok?

When it spun off -- via, you don't have to buy it, i am recommending it.

But within that framework i think what happens is they use cash flow to buy back stock, which is a very good way to return.

Investment 101, how does gabelli ride a winner?

That is a challenge because we managed to thousand separately managed accounts.

We have a great team.

You met some of my individuals.

Larry haverty, which covers the global media.

Essentially, when somebody owns six percent of the stock because it has gone from three percent of portfolio, we will curl a little back.

We are running $45 billion, which is small, but primarily

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