Sergio Marchionne: Ferrari Is Not for Sale

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May 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller discusses Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne’s unveiling of the automaker’s five-year strategy, along with a new corporate logo, on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Just listening to him speak.

How was the reception so far?

The reception has been pretty good.

He has been mingling with the investors in the room, hanging onto his every word, and he has got the coterie of the brands with him.

The interesting point so far is they have been the italian parts, especially out for remail alfa ro -- alfa romeo, which has done poorly in the last decades.

There is the surprising little sports car, only bringing 1000 of those to us this year in the u.s., but over the next few years, he wants to not only restore the brand to its former lori but also massively boost sales.

He expects to sell 400,000 of them in 2018 and introduced eight new models with over 5 billion euros worth of investment, so a real push to bring alfa romeo back into the brand and make it a high-end brand, like audi and bmw.

That is going to be a huge part of the story, and a lot of people are wondering where the money is going to come from the investment.

For ari, we thought maybe an ipo, the sale of a unit, one of the most recognizable brands in the entire world, but he said, make no mistake, we will not be selling ferrari.

Ferrari is not for sale, so that really answers the question we were asking him.

And it is not going to be up on the block.

What about the american brands?

Did we hear anything about that?

A have been very successful with their jeep sales, incredibly successful, and it is a high margin brand for them.

More than doubled sales of jeep, over 700,000 in 2013 to almost 2 million in 2018, but they have had trouble, really struggled with chrysler and dodge, as far as defining these brands and putting some growth into them.

Chrysler may want to aim at kind of a mainstream american.

A say it is not luxury, but it is also not low cost, so they are going to make that the mainstream brand for middle america, and then dodge, and edgier, sportier one.

Take away some segments but make it kind of an edgy brand.

It seems pretty interesting, but a very ambitious plan.

Bloomberg's matt miller in michigan at that fiat meeting.

And coming up, pledging money to

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