Marchionne Lays Out His Long-term Vision for Fiat

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May 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller previews Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne’s unveiling of the automaker’s five-year strategy, along with a new corporate logo, on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

This five-year plan?

One of the things he is expected to focus on is alvaro mayo.

They are just now in the process of earning over there first offering for the u.s. in 10 years.

It should be a lot of fun to drive.

They have very ambitious plans for this brand.

Some analysts have said that he will want out phil roe mayo to be the fiat audi, meaning it will be attainable, but a luxury brand, likes volkswagen.

Remember, it took volkswagen 15 or 20 years to achieve the kind of success it had been audi.

Very expensive to do that kind of thing, it takes a lot of funding and it will take a lot of years.

He is expected to say, today, also that he wants to get jeep to be an international brand, really start selling it more in china and that he wants to continue his plans to boost the sales of maserati.

Those three brands are what we are expecting to hear him focus on, although he still needs to form an identity for chrysler and dodge, two brands that are left floating after the whale took over.

A lot of moving parts here.

Fiat has nine different car brands.

Today they have unveiled a new logo.

The fiat chrysler automobile, because of course sergio completed the purchase of chrysler recently and -- will he have the money to pay for this?

He did get access to chrysler's cash.

That was a huge part of the whole deal.

He is expected to announce that he will spend at least that much over the next five years to achieve this plan in china, making out phil roe mayo his audi in the u.s. -- making alvaro mayo -- i'll phil roe mayo -- alfa romeo his go to in the u.s.. it might be an ipo auction for him, but for now he is expected to go it entirely alone, do everything internally, possibly later take loans linked to another share sale.

There will be some details about that, a lot of investors here in the plus loan where the meeting starts.

Matt, we will see you in a little bit.

Turning to wall street, the 19th annual conference about high-profile money management, there is investment.

Everyone was in attendance.

Some of the highlights, what stood out for you?

We saw the biggest move from the last presenter of the

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