Malaysia Jet Incident Very Suspicious: Falkenrath

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March 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath discusses the on-going search for the missing Malaysia Air jet that disappeared over the weekend on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Generally fall back up.

Even if they do not, when i am on the road, i am seeing investors and clients and our employees.

To spend some time having a jerk dialogue is a valuable use of my time.

We have been year with 4000 women.

We are making positive change.

You're one of the most important people at the biggest bank in america.

How do you decide how to balance your time.

How much should you invest in initiatives.

It is all part of my job.

I have to balance her every day.

Managing our people is a critical part of managing this in the long run.

I want to dedicate time to it.

How is a.p. morgan leading to all of his pure wool said the jamie -- has said jpmorgan -- jamie dimon, employees do not seem to be walking out of the door.

Your stocks are doing so well.

How are you making that happen?

If you ask customers about the industry, i understand that.

It'll catch up with reality.

They like as.

They would recommend us.

We are serving our clients and our community transaction by transaction everyday.

Who is responsible to get america to start liking thanks again?

The first we do it is grassroots.

It is at the customer engagement level.

We have a role in politics and in reform.

Has that required a deliberate effort to avoid a bunker mentality?

We know a lots of bankers.

They will tell us, and they do, that the negative press can really get to you.

There is obviously an impact.

They read the paper and see the news.

We lead by example.

We've always had a culture at jpmorgan of focusing on the negatives and fixing them and resolving them.

Underneath all of that our business is performing exceptionally well.

Our clients are very happy.

If you look at fixed income and equities, is that part of it?

It is part of it.

If you look at january, you're expected to be strong.

We do not see it that your.

It was equities.

It was a cross.

There is not one reason for it.

We have no reason to believe we are not going to down back here it you said there's reason to be hopeful and the second quarter.

A market seems to think this is a temporary disruption.

We will see.

I was to ask you about your job.

You have been chief financial officer for a little more than a year.

How is the job at jpmorgan and perhaps at other large banks, and maybe others, what was it like before the crisis and what is it like now?

In many ways it is the same.

If we talk about jpmorgan, we look at the cfo role -- cfo role as running the business and driving change.

If you think about today with capital in regulation and control being so front and center, navigating the complexities has thrown the organization to be a bit of a nerve center.

Being the regulations are front and center, what is the messes to the rest of the bank?

Why do i want to work at a firm like jpmorgan.

It seems like the grass is truly greener on the other side.

Correct we continue to invest in

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