Two New BlackBerry Phones on the Way: CEO Chen

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Feb. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg European business correspondent Caroline Hyde reports on BlackBerry Chairman and CEO John Chen’s focus for rebuilding the company and reaction to new products from Samsung and BlackBerry at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

She's in barcelona.

She's at the mobile extravaganza in barcelona.

How big a splash did samsung make?

A bit muted to be honest.

It showed that they were not going full guns blazing.

They were not madison square garden showing off like they did for the s-4. it was quite cool.

You can get some great technology in terms of saving battery.

It looks pretty cool as well.

They're playing catch-up with a fingerprint reader.

Does blackberry have any oxygen in barcelona?

Is there any kind of recr increase?

We have seen stock prices rise since john chen took over.

The fact that they're going to be having two new phones coming out from blackberry with the deal signed in december, look how quickly we are getting these new phones.

Interestingly, all about emerging markets for john chen.

He is saying, we're are going to runoll out in indonesia.

What about restructuringg?

I have my hands full with a number of things to do.

I have to get the server business growing again.

At figured bbm scaling.

Where the connected card is, i need to win more designs and put them vertical.

They have a bit of wind in their sails at the moment.

It just think what that is going to do.

You have the messages there.

That is showing off some of the processes there.

There is a lot to do with privacy at the moment.

Blackberry has really tended to be the front runner in privacy and security for those that use it.

We all have to see the bang for the buck in terms of products.

Thanks so much.

At the mobile extravaganza.

We will be that all through the day.

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