Manufacturing Strong on May Durable Goods Numbers

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June 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Econmics Editor Michael McKee reports that orders for U.S. durable goods rose more than forecast in May and looks at what that may mean for second-quarter growth. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

All saying if you are selling because you think the fed is going to back off on stimulus, you are wrong.

Or you are a full.

Here is the key step.

What we're talking about here is dialing back.

The word "exit" is not appropriate.

He is in agreement with qb e fans.

A very unusual news conference to set the fed blew it with the communication strategy.

It failed to emphasize just how committed it is to zero rates.

He wants to raise the thresholds posts -- and push those farther into the future.

We had bill dudley.

It is also suggesting that policy had hailed and it was not aggressive enough.

Different views on the economy.

All pretty much with the same message.

The fed has not turned more hawkish.

Why are they concerned with the market reaction?

They can do nothing that they want.

Part of their thing is communication.

The idea is that if they are convinced that they will not act, markets will keep rates lower than they otherwise would be.

That is what we are losing.

What have we here?

A failure to communicate.


Friday he called the timing of the news conference inappropriate.

He said it was driven by the fact that there was a news conference schedule after this meeting.

They felt obliged to say something.

There will not be another one until september.

Thank you, mike.

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